Assembly Instructions (3)
Assembly Instructions (1)

Read Below & Watch the Video

  1. Purchase 8' 2x4 and 8' or 10' 1x2 at your home improvement store.
  2. Cut 2x4 to have (2) 2' lengths for legs and (1) 4' length for steel hanger.
  3. Cut 1x2 in half for paper target stand.
  4. Get a drill that fits the included drill bit
  5. Watch the assembly tutorial video.
  6. Assemble using the included parts. For the combination paper + steel setup, ensure that paper stand is flush with front of 2x4 feet, and that steel stand post is no more than 6” from rear of 2x4 feet. Less than 14” between them will splatter the paper target.
  7. For heavier steel plates, use pliers to fully tighten the finger-twist locking screw