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50 Cal Matte Black

(92 customer reviews)

Solid Tactical New 50 Caliber Metal Ammo Can in Matte Black – Military & Army M2A1 Steel Waterproof Ammo Box for Long Term Storage

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Solid Tactical New 50 Caliber Metal Ammo Can in Matte Black – Military & Army M2A1 Steel Waterproof Ammo Box for Long Term Storage

92 reviews for 50 Cal Matte Black

  1. K. Cornelius

    Very nice, solid metal ammo box. fits a box of 50 9mm perfectly.

  2. Jacob B Zane

    Great product, seals up perfectly.

  3. Brian

    Quality product. Will be buying more in the future.

  4. Stormy

    I have no problems with the New Solid Tactical box. its very sturdy and durable!

  5. Michael W. Tulloch

    Very happy all in all with this case. Would buy more if needed.

  6. Heather Massey

    Great product…😁

  7. ChiLiN

    Exceed my expectations, great quality!

  8. Conker Flonklin

    Awesome Flat Black ammo can. Looks absolutely amazing.Item was perfectly described.Seals very well and the hinge and buckle system is very smooth. I have many ammo cans, this is by far my favorite.

  9. Nicholas Racculia

    Super cool…you can feel the quality! this is money well spent. In addition to holding ammo and keeping the moisture out, it makes a great little “bugout box”

  10. regular customer

    I love the product! However, I found the same product at Harbor Freight for $15.99 where if I have to return it there is no shipping cost.

  11. Admiral

    Came arrived as stated, and with no issues. Top does take a little more effort to close but that does not affect anything at all. Will be buying more soon!

  12. Matt

    Excellent quality product, I will be ordering more for sure.

  13. John

    Awesome product

  14. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product!. Shipped fast.

  15. Chris R.

    Don’t waste your time with any other brands boasting the same thing. These ammo cans are just as strong or stronger than the ammo cans your grandpappy used to lug around, but with a modern twist to full fulfill those tacticool needs. I made the mistake of buying those plastic ammo cans but I will be giving those away and getting more of these cans.

  16. Irishguinea

    Love them. Bought six of them. They hold all my ammo and mags. Will be buying more of these. I have to many ammo cans….said no one ever.

  17. Levi

    nice new clean ammo box

  18. Shanna VonDielingen

    High quality and durable. Would definitely recommend this item and buy it again. This will be my first choice if I need to buy again. Very pleased with the purchase.

  19. Daniel J. Vallone

    Initially I gave this company a 3 star rating because I misread the description. Upon a quick response from the company that clarified my mistake I am upgrading my review. The can is just as described & seems to be of good quality, although I can’t verify if it’s mad in the USA.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great product! Exactly what I needed.

  21. Amber Herren

    Item was exactly as described and arrived on time. Would highly recommend.

  22. VonWhip

    These cases are awesome & heavy duty. A must own for any gun firearm owner.

  23. Christopher

    This is my 2nd order with these ammo cans. Very well built. useful for pretty much everything. Wish i had a punch card (like buy ten get one free).Oh well, Ill have to wait…

  24. Amazon Customer


  25. John

    My only complaint is that these aren’t pretapped for locking. The hole for the locking mechanisms is also perfectly sized for the locking bolt yet the ammo box steel frame meets at this point so drilling your own hole in exactly the right place is nearly impossible as the drillbit wants to travel up the metal seam. Expect to drill a large hole and purchase additional large sized washers to cover the void area. Water seal is great and the build quality is very nice. I would suggest a different ammo box if you wish it use it locked though.

  26. AMS8409

    I purchased 2 of these as a Father’s Day gift for my husband. He’s very particular and hard to shop for so I half expected he’d find something about them he didn’t like and want to return them for something different. He liked them a lot and has asked me to order more. He commented that he liked the rubber seal and included desiccant packs.

  27. Brett Troyer

    Brand new can with perfect paint job. But it had better have been considering the price.

  28. Mark Marino

    This thing is built like a brick you-know-what, seals great and looks great – all at a great price! I am a happy camper…

  29. H. A.

    More expensive than most ammo cans but also seems to be better made than most. A very nice can. Recommended.

  30. Back to School

    We ordered our ammo case for something non traditional. We have a corn hole game in our backyard and the squirells kept getting to the bags whether they were filled with corn or pellets. The ammo case arrived propmtly and has solved the problem well. Thank you!

  31. Amazon Customer

    Nice finish and seal.

  32. John Blair

    Study metal ammo box. Well built. I have bought 4 of these.

  33. Jeremy Miller

    Great ammo can. Very happy with purchase.

  34. Abigail Rodriguez

    My boyfriend absolutely loved it!

  35. james gifford

    Great ammo can!

  36. Amazon Customer

    Love it lots of space, durable and can hold up to alot.

  37. Cara Smith

    I keep my extra ammo in the basement in this box. It was exactly what I wanted.

  38. Alan H. Cooper, Ph.D.

    This ammo can is perfect. Solid with an excellent seal. Price was right, shipping was quick, can’t say enough. Actually going to order another one (or two)…

  39. AWW

    New solid box with excellent seal. Will be used for cremain burial. Thanks Solid Tactical.

  40. Russell Redmon

    This is a great looking can. Super durable and high quality!My only complaint is that I wish they made bigger sizes.

  41. mechgogo

    I bought this to store the ammunition for my new AK-47. The can arrived earlier than I expected. It looks great, is solidly constructed and holds 500 rounds of 7.62×39 with no problem. The desiccant packs are a nice added touch as well. I shoot a lot and tend to buy my ammo in bulk. The next time I need an ammo can I’ll absolutely be ordering another one of these. Oh and people buying these for bulk ammunition purposes might want to invest in quantity of ziplock quart sized bags. I find they save space and add an extra layer of protection against for the bullets.

  42. steve

    love the ammo cans i have 3 now the issue is i dont know to get my 15% off, i want to order more can you help me. thanks art.

  43. Jeff Donahou

    I got 2 to use as lockable saddle bags for my bike. I had to order a separate numb and install it to be able to connect a gun lock to it. The project turned out well enough, but did have issues with the ammo can lids in when trying to remove them. It took about 30 minutes fighting to get the kids of 2 off them. The hing pins did not stay in position on the can side on some of the pins, so it made it difficult to remove the lids while I would work on mounting the can.

  44. ENGRO

    There are many ammo cans and boxes on Amazon for sale, and at first, I hesitated due to the higher price. However, I must say that this was the right call, and it was worth every bit of the higher cost. This powder-coated black steel can is perfect for my storage needs, and it came in factory-direct pristine condition, as advertised. The can is not overly heavy, and the rubber gasket is solid. I have not submerged the can, and do not plan to; however, should an unexpected water issue arise, I am confident this box will keep my contents safe and dry, as advertised.Worth the price…

  45. HM

    I love this ammo can so far. Sturdy and the seal actually works. Great for storage of anything that needs to stay dry.

  46. kyle wray

    This thing holds at least 1000 rounds of 22 or several hundred minimum of 5.56. I have several and they work great. Tried and true design. Security is a bit lacking but for something someone can pick up and walk off with what do you expect?

  47. URL Cruiser

    Works perfect to store ammo. Just use a long necked padlock — no need to add anything to accept a lock.

  48. AR

    Bought this as a gift for a friend who makes his own ammo and he loved it. Its sturdy and gets the job done for him.

  49. California Emil

    This was a gift and he was very happy with it and it. It was exactly what he wanted and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

  50. princess sweetpea

    I bought as a Christmas present. He loved it. Nice quality. Heavy metal. Not cheap plastic. I would recommend.

  51. Charles B.

    Very well built can. It serves my purpose well. I gave it 4 stars because boxed ammo fits my other cans better. I’ll have to use this can for loose ammo because the boxes won’t fit. I put boxed handgun ammo in other cans and I use this one for loose 762×39

  52. Marcy


  53. Jay R.

    I’ve ordered about a half dozen of these in the past. They’re sturdy and a lot nicer than you’ll find at the surplus store.

  54. Amazon Customer


  55. Ricky B


  56. Cowboot

    Oddly, my shipment was “delayed” in Atlanta, but somehow finally made it my address yesterday and now shows “Not Available”. The product itself is fine – good fit and finish, the clasp closes tightly, and the seal intact. Took a couple of drops of oil and massaged it into the gasket seal for good measure, dropped in a pack of dessicant and loaded her up with extra unloaded magazines… three 30-round and 5 empty 7.62 magazines, 5 empty handgun magazines, and a large packet of misc. heirloom seeds for later use. Overall, this is a great product – a bit pricey, but I consider it cheap insurance against moisture and light. Don’t know what caused the unusual shipping delays, though – hopefully the seller will get things right with Amazon and continue to offer it.

  57. Myles

    Feels sturdy and is in perfect condition. I have no doubt the rubber seal will prove to be watertight. Glad I won’t have to worry about humidity ruining my ammo.

  58. Fabio

    Sturdy can for sure. This is my first ammo can and I almost went with a plastic tub but after reading so many reviews about the plastic warping sometimes and realizing how heavy the ammo really is I knew that like anything in life with real value you needed to invest in it a little bit when you start off. I’m not disappointed at all. It takes a little strength to open and close it shut so I know the seal around it has to be legit.

  59. chris

    Not planning on testing the water resistance but these things exceed my expectations. Perfect fit for my gun safe, stackable, and quality. Very pleased.

  60. amERICan

    Great Reusable Products

  61. Milano

    Great product

  62. Robert Keller Jr

    Very nice will be ordering some more in the future

  63. Amazon Customer


  64. gage

    Happy with it best to go with solid metal don’t waste money on plastic ones

  65. Wyatt Gochenour

    Great product

  66. David

    Came wrapped in plastic and individually boxed. High quality product and definitely will be buying more. Moisture is an ammo killer and I have faith in these cans to protect my ammunition.

  67. Amazon Customer

    Quality paint job and standard mil durability.

  68. mark wallace

    Great product, very sturdy!

  69. Dean

    Very Good Shape on arrival.

  70. Darren Z.

    Solid construction, brand new, great seal. Only one problem, I ordered two black and received one of each. I still had 5 stars because I would have ordered green of black wasn’t available, and I funny care that much as long as the quality is solid. It is.

  71. Roberta S.

    Nice and solid. Holds my 12 gage shells and 9 MM easily. Very easy for transport.

  72. Jason

    Exactly as described. Sturdy and has a silica pack. Awesome quality, will definitely have to buy more soon.


    Came as advertised

  74. Skye Hansen

    My husband loves all 4 he ordered

  75. Chris Campbell

    Standard Ammo Case that does the job it’s intended for. Great product!!

  76. Stacey Parrott

    Just as described for ammo storage or other items you want sealed in a protected enclosure.

  77. rooster

    Product was in excellent condition and price was fair

  78. don

    good quality as described would buy again

  79. Andrew Lux

    More than the others available but you get what you pay for

  80. Greg

    works as advertised, wish it was alittle cheaper,would buy again

  81. Amazon Customer – AMD

    Solid product that holds a good amount of 9mm ammo.

  82. Scout mom

    very sturdy, made well. Will buy again

  83. mark

    I’ve bought 4 so far. The best ammo can for the price.

  84. Alexander Miller

    Solid feel, complete gasket, my only complaint is they seemed dirty and the paint was work off at the edges. Not a huge deal, but a slight concern for me.

  85. Jorge Pangandoyon

    i don’t like the ammo can — I LOVE IT— and i’m planning to buy more.

  86. SDC

    Perfect can for magazines and ammo. Durable. Great flat black finish. Very unassuming and understated.

  87. Kyle Weaver

    The can came quickly, and is gorgeous, however the only nitpick I have is the picture showed a larger, single desiccant bag. I received mine with two smaller ones that you would find in shoe boxes. Not a big deal because I have a whole bag of these things but I like complete transparency in purchases. People eat, pick mates, and buy things with their eyes.

  88. John Davis

    Exactly as advertised!! Excellent construction, tight seal, I’ve got mine stacked and they line up up great! Definitely will buy more as I need them

  89. Big Lou

    Just as advertised, solid with an excellent water and air tight seal

  90. Cameron Richards

    Seems built to last and the handles make it easy to move around exactly what I was looking for

  91. KD

    Had ordered 3 of these previously from a different seller and they were great. 2 new orders both arrived with incorrect paint. They are NOT flat black as indicated but rather semi gloss. Might not be a big deal but trying to match my other orders. Going back for a refund!

  92. F. Y.

    A very high quality product, durable, reliable and roomy enough.

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