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30 Cal Black

(17 customer reviews)

Solid Tactical New 30 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army .30 cal, m19a1 Steel Waterproof ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Black

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Solid Tactical New 30 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army .30 cal, m19a1 Steel Waterproof ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Black

17 reviews for 30 Cal Black

  1. Joe

    very nice, better that what i spected its in perfect conditions, it close tight so it have a good seal 100% recomended for tools ammo guns or anything you whant, or could just be at your room as a vintage decoration

  2. Chalupa monkey

    watertight has a nice solid rubber seal I would recommend to get more it’s torn handgun ammunitionkick ass soundtrack lol

  3. robert the flooring guy

    perfect waterproof box for ammo or anything else thats small and u wanta keep dry ie wallets keys or even photos when your at camp or at home perfect for traveling and home they come in all sizes but this one fits dollar bills real nice just saying if u need a bigger piggy bank its not a safe it dont lock but u can paint any color u like u can put in the ground but i would recommend the fiberglass ones for that no rusting involved

  4. wes penny

    its an empty ammo can it is exactly what i ordered nothing more nothing less it closes solid and is exactly what i ordered

  5. Curtiss L. Linderman

    When I got this I was expecting at least a little wear. None at all. Also no writing or stenciling, which is odd since I was kind of looking forward to that part, but that’s nothing to complain about! Seals great, nice thick durable metal, carries my 7.62×39 and 7.62x54R ammo perfectly!


    a bit pricy but very solid. if you have an army nave store close by check it out i have bought them there for 7 bucks guy has been sold out for quite some time so i got it here

  7. Grant Fritchey

    Who expects to receive anything from military surplus that is clean? Anyone? I sure don’t. But this can was. Perfectly clean and ready to go. I’ve already put it to work for it’s stated purpose and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. I’ll be coming back for more of these in the future. The price is right and the condition was fabulous.

  8. S. Chagnon

    just as advertized … clean and functional … like new really

  9. L. Agoston


  10. Jazzmaster

    good can. I like the size for my ammo

  11. Kenneth J Walsh

    Would buy again

  12. robin lawrence

    Yes very thankfulExcellent service and great productsThank youRobinUS Defenders

  13. omer

    loved it and have a good seal

  14. Stephanie

    is exactly as advertised.

  15. bill

    as shown

  16. Greg Majors


  17. Gucci mane

    well made,water proof. i like that it came with dry packs

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