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50 Cal OD Green

(819 customer reviews)

Solid Tactical New 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army M2A1 Steel Waterproof Ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Flat OD Green

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Solid Tactical New 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army M2A1 Steel Waterproof Ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Flat OD Green

819 reviews for 50 Cal OD Green

  1. Sloper Dude

    I ordered mine to store batteries for my radio control electric planes. I needed a large, secure and fireproof box, since the lithium-polymer batteries which have become so popular for powering electric planes are sometimes prone to swell up or burst into flame at up to 2000 degrees F, so they’re not the kind of thing to store near flammable materials or leave unprotected in a vehicle. Once it is insulated with high temperature materials I’m good to go.These ammo boxes are larger and more capacious than most, have a solid latch, and are dirt cheap. Mine arrived in excellent condition, without rust or dents.

  2. Joshua C. Bussard

    This thing is awesome. When I first got it, I started using it as a lunch box for a while. It’s air-tight, and who cares.Later I started using it to store my small caliber pistol rounds. Here in CA it’s illegal to own .50BMG so we make do. I currently have about 4000 rounds of .22 in one, and it is very convenient to have. I have since bought two more, and use them to store my 9mm and .45 ammo. Works great, it’s convenient.

  3. El Guapo

    Great product. Purchased two of these from HMI Surplus Gear through Amazon, and they arrived very quickly via standard shipping. I will be ordering more. These are your basic .50 cal ammo cans. They arrived clearly in used condition (as described by the seller); however, they were very clean and in perfect working order. On each one, when I popped the latch I could hear a long hiss of air – evidently the rubber seals are working as intended. Will use these for storing – guess what – ammo with some silica packs to safeguard against humidity.

  4. pmarine81

    I have always made it a practice to order the minimum number of a product even if I happen to need more for the first time buying with a new seller. This was one of those times when I wish I hadn’t done that. The ammo cans were shipped fairly quickly even with standard shipping. They don’t even look like they were used. Near perfect condition. The lid seals nice and almost no dings, dents ,or scratches on it. Couldn’t be more pleased and will be ordering more of these soon!

  5. Aaron Williams

    Bought for storing ammo & making Faraday boxes. These were the cleanest cans I’ve ever seen. Not a scratch & seals were good as new.

  6. George Norton

    When I saw the product’s condition rated as “very good” I said, “Yeah, sure.” But I decided to take a chance. As it turns out, the can is not “very good.” It is, in fact, excellent: no dents, no rust, no scratches, and no oxidation on the rubber seal. I couldn’t be happier. To prove it, I’ve just ordered another can.I’m using it to store ammo (what else?). In the one can I was able to stack (cartridges in their original boxes) 400 rounds of .38, 250 rounds of 9mm, and 55 rounds of 12ga (2.75 length), and–of course–2 packets of moisture absorber.A pleasure to do business with a company offering a quality product.

  7. Yessika

    The item was just as described, its smaller than I imagined which was better than I expected. Measure 12Lx6Hx3.5W. Bought it from Army Gear who shipped it really fast, it got to me within the same week (3 days).

  8. mario r. hernandez jr.

    ordered this ammo can and it can in fast. It looks great and has no damage to it. It was not a 50. cal ammo can but a 556 blank ammo can. I’m really happy with it and kind of glad i got the smaller one, I’m just using it for my weapon cleaning kits.

  9. kimiann

    Bought this for my husband…he loves it. The seal is tight and the box is in nice shape. Very good product, I searched around before I found this one, excellent price and excellent product.

  10. Justin

    This Ammo Box is awesome the one bad thing was the words on the side looked liked they were sprayed painted over but all in all This is a great collecters item

  11. Customer

    Exactly what it said it was. Is a little worn, but it is obviously legit and was used in combat. I feel the product is a little more expensive then I would have liked.

  12. Bob

    These cans appear to be in new condition. Excellent inside and out. They are marked N464, 8-FUSE PROX M732. I need to get more of these before they are gone.

  13. Siggy123

    I ordered the buy 2, get one 30 cal ammo can free deal and I got 2 “100 round linked 50 cal” cans with one NATO 7.62 linked ammo can inside one. The cans are clean, work fine, seal tight. There was a dent in one of the 50 cal cans, as if a heavy can was dropped onto it, but that is to be expected. Dent more or less was worked out by pushing against it.

  14. Thomas Hunter II

    This thing is pretty sweet. It’s nice and heavy, I think I could jump on it and it wouldn’t bend. It’s bigger than I thought it was going to be.I plan on turning this into a computer case mod of sorts. That or a lunch box. Either way I’m happy with it.

  15. gary

    I got over 500 rounds of .223 in this ammo box. I’m going to order another one to put my 12 gauge shells in.

  16. WendyB

    Ordered 8 of the boxes. Got the delivery confirmation and was fully prepared to clean them up and wipe them out when I got home. I was ecstatic to open the box and find them well packaged. And very clean. Thrilled with this product and seller.

  17. Tong

    Great Used U.S. Military Surplus M2A1 .50 Caliber Ammo Cans are great for storage. They have a rubber seal on the lid that makes them air tight and water resistant. Army surplus ammo cans make great tool boxes, storage boxes, camera boxes or use them.

  18. william d Fagan

    Ok….first off they got here too fast…within two days after I made my order they were here. I didn’t even have time to make space in the garage. So I put my new ammo cans in the closet and my wife found them and now demands an equal or better gift. She also took one of the cans and is using it for her stuff. Also, they look brand new…what did u guys do get a load of new ones and paint them to look used???? They smelled great too…love wd-40. Checked out everything and the cans work like new. I told my brother and son about u smart guys..and they are going to order from you too. Only I told them about the rush job on the mail so they know to make room quicker than I did so they don’t loose any of the cans. Thanks alot guys!!!!!

  19. Sarah

    Got this case to replace one that was “accidentally” taken when I got offloaded.I drive a small truck for a living and use this case to store my ratchet straps and my gloves. Amazing design, tight seal, rugged as can be. Just throw it in the bed and it holds up back there. A bunch of my oilfield customers use these to transport small items too!Mine was in pretty impeccable condition, though it did appear to have been freshly painted and not prepped the greatest before they did, so it shows a bit of what may be dust, rust, or sanding texture. (I got mine from ‘Field Gear & Protection’) No big deal though, wasn’t even expecting the finish to have been all that great on it anyway– and if you’re looking for something like this, I doubt you are either, just worth noting.

  20. Freebird

    Great condition, no dents or cracked paint. However I was really excited for it to say .50 cal on it like the pictures show, but mine did not come with any lettering on the sides at all, but that’s not a huge deal, still really cool to put my ammo into.

  21. Satisfied Customer

    These are great ammo boxes. I don’t know if these are the new ones I bought from this company or the old ones so I will rate both. The new were new and the used were as good as the new. I need more and will buy them shortly. Actually I used my Wife’s computer to ordered these so the name comes up Sheryl. Should be Philip. Anyway if you are looking for new or used ammo boxes you can’t go wrong with this company. I give them an A+, the first one I have given out.

  22. Tom

    As far as the quality of the ammo cans I have to say that they are in great shape. It appears as if they have been completely re-habbed. I gave 4 stars because the shipping costs were nearly as much as the ammo cans themselves. If I need more I will buy local.

  23. Anthony

    It Came Fast I Love It .. Every 1 Should Buy 1 For Dooms Day Prepping !!!! Made Really Good

  24. Namkorvet1

    It was exactly what I ordered. I needed storage boxes for ammo, first aid, and garden seeds. The boxes are easy to store on shelving or anywhere else.

  25. David

    After reading reviews regarding the “hard” plastic storage boxes, I decided to go for the metal container style and I was not disappointed in my selection. What I got was delivered fast and arrived in a good and clean condition. I found I was able to store more ammo than I thought and have maxed it out. I can lift it with no problems or worries about the handle giving way. It is a great way to store and or transport your ammo. I highly recommend this type of ammo box.

  26. hunting101

    nice product and it works like you would expect it to. works fine and cool product. cool cool cool cool

  27. Jessica Currier

    This was a gift for my husband! It was what he was looking for! Good QUALITY! Just what he wanted!

  28. Brad K

    I have three of these boxes and I love them! Glad I got these and not the plastic ones. They arrived in excellent condition. I can put 14 50 count boxes of 9mm ammo in the box.

  29. Wo kommst du

    They are definitely surplus. I ordered 2. Both are about an 8 or 9 out of 10. Some slight dings. Take a minute and wipe it down with something like break free, and it looks new! They have a nice tight fit, and you can’t put enough weight in these to break the seal or bend the handle.I put 800 rounds of 7.26×39 in one. I’m sure they do well over 1,000 rounds of anything from 9mm to .45. Great price and just what I wanted! Thanks!

  30. TechandGadgetMan

    This came in on time and well-packaged. I ordered two of them and both were heavily shrink-wrapped in addition to being boxed.The color was very dark green and the cans were in good shape without dents or scratches.The gaskets are in very good shape and seal well.I am storing 9MM ammunition and get about 1400 boxed rounds in each. But that also depends on whether they are boxed 50 stacked or 100 bulk boxes. I get about 1100 in 50 stacked boxes per can. (Just FYI for your planning!)Overall, this is just what I ordered and it came just like they said. I will order more.

  31. JD McGraw

    These ammo cans are great condition. They look brand new. Very useful, will definitely buy more. They are great for almost everything

  32. jessek88

    I purchased this to keep all my ammo dry and protected. It works great will buy more in the future.

  33. Siffert

    These ammo cans (purchased from similar name man seller) here are great. I use these for my handgun, shotgun and rifle ammo. They make for great long term storage and seal tightly. Cosmetically they come in very good (but not like brand new) shape.

  34. Ri Ken

    What I actually recieved is labeled as a container of M732 Proximity Fuzes, shipped all the way to china for my trip to beachside, and still intact and like new. O-ring seals well and waterproof was no problem. not any stains or bad smells at all.

  35. Sinnthia

    Exactly what I expected, brand new item with nice paint. clasp worked etc. Functions as intended, I mean it’s an ammo can, it sits there and holds stuff.

  36. Joseph Criniti, Jr.

    After reading some reviews about these can I was wary about buying them, but I took a shot, I have wasted more money on alot less. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. The 2 boxes I received were in perfect shape, in fact when I opened them it was like they were never even opened before. They are perfect for any storage I love them.

  37. Texarkana Transplant

    This ammo can arrived on time and was in good shape as advertised. If you plan on storing ammo, make sure you pick up some silica gel desiccants. Keep your powder dry!

  38. Michael Brkich

    I love these ammo cans. Refurbished well and I’d much rather store ammo in these than leave them in the big cardboard boxes for long term storage.

  39. Steven Stinehart

    Solid no rust… little dusty from sitting on a shelf somewhere but who cares about that? Original paint/finish exactly as listed.

  40. Paul Pendley

    I ordered two cans to store .22, 9mm, .40 and .45 ammo. The cans arrived in good condition. One had minor rust on the inside, and some very minor rust on the outside, but otherwise, the cans were fine. They both needed a good cleaning since the insides of the cans were a bit grimy. Paint and stenciling were as shown and in fine condition. The cost was a bit higher than you could find in an Army surplus store, but I’m pleased with the purchase. Would purchase from Army Universe again.

  41. William M Hannon

    IM happy with my shopping on your web site. I will shop wjth you again soon. I use my ammo cans for storing some of my ammo.

  42. F S

    I love old ammo cans. And this is the go to can. I got a used one that, as described by the seller, had some rust and a faint odor, but I think it kinda adds character! This is just a great nifty little box that you can use for anything (I use it for shooting accessories). It’s also perfect for Fallout cosplay! (Exact same model as the “ammunition box” that you see in game)

  43. clifford


  44. R. Vest

    This Ammo can arrived in good shape.Only thing I found was rust inside of the can.This rust did not seem part of the ammo can but could have been from something stored in the can.I washed out the can, let it dry and spray painted the inside just in case.The outside of the can was in good shape with not rust spots.

  45. Amazon Customer

    These are Military Surplus so don’t expect them to be new like gun stores. They are fine and work well. So what if the are a little stiff when opening. In the military we opened them all the time then threw them aside until we put them on a pallet for shippment to salvage. You cannot go wrong with these working ammo cans. I have several from Amazon for ammo, loaded magazines and gun assessories. Ship fast and packaged well by Amazon.

  46. Gino

    Not a single dent or scratch. It appears to be brand new. Easy to open and close. Arrived sooner than estimated arrival date.

  47. dnlgjmnz

    I absolutely love this ammo can. It has a very tight seal, it could handle rain and humid environments no problem i imagine. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice place to store ammo, or someone who just needs a transport for their ammo. I would recommend putting one of those packets that absorb moisture in it as I did with mine, I just always keep a pack or two with my ammo. Great product.. I believe it is military surplus so it is definitely up to snuff!

  48. E. Higdon

    No rustthe hinges workthe o-ring is intact.I’m storing 800 loose rounds of 762×39 in it. If ammo was cheaper i’d buy more of these to store it in.

  49. Shark

    I’m very pleased with my purchase of this 50caliber steel ammo can M2A1 waterproof

  50. Faemeister

    who doesn’t love an ammo can? you close the lid and press down on the latch and you KNOW that the stuff inside is going to stay dry and secure. going to get more that’s for sureof all sizes

  51. Phantom Flier

    What a beast. I use this to store and transport eight LiPo batteries for my quadcopter aircraft, which are very dangerous and prone to explosions and fires if badly mishandled. Big and heavy but worth it.

  52. Ryan Gresham

    Were great, had some rust cleaned them out with some rust remover and then wham, good as new. The seals are great. Was a great buy will probably get some more.

  53. Jogotto

    I bought this to keep important papers in after my Boss had a house fire. The items of hers that were unharmed were kept in this container. As it is new there was no smell.

  54. Al Dolby

    Both cans are as close to new as I could have hoped for, EXCELLENT shape, seals are perfect, no dents, latches work as good as new!!. Thank You!!

  55. JB1kenobi

    Got this for my 9 year old cub scout son to put whatever he wants in it…game controllers, game cartridges, rock collections, whatever. He loved it! I mean what 9 year old boy wouldn’t?!?

  56. 7

    I bought this awhile back. Works great. seals great. Not rusty and holds all my ammo perfectly. Came with no scratches.

  57. Jacob Penhorwood

    Like many other Amazon users, I extensively read the reviews on this product before purchasing. Many of the reviews stated that the cans were at least a little (if not extensively) worn upon delivery. But when my package arrived on time (in the great state of Pennsylvania), it looked brand-new and was completely blemish free. Even the seals were completely intact and in working order.Maybe there were packaging issues with the other containers, but this one was phenomenal. I would definitely purchase more again in the future.

  58. Joolie

    Awesome ammo can. So much better than the plastic ammo cans. Super strong and in good condition. Very reasonably priced!

  59. Tommy71

    No dents, no dings, no rust. I read a few reviews of this item arriving all beat up. Mine showed up in perfect condition. Put together a survival kit for the trunk of my car. Everything fits in here perfect.

  60. Mac Cat

    After reading some of the other reviews, I was a bit worried. But when the box was delivered, I was glad I went with this item. I bought this to store LIPO Batteries. This box should be perfect for that. It has a tight seal on the lid, and the box itself is heavy duty.

  61. Hiroshi Uchida

    Looks like new old stock, never used and not stenciled. Came with a sticker. The cool thing is that the seal is so good that if you close it on a stormy day and then try to open it on a nice sunny day, the air pressure inside is less than the ambient air pressure so the can is hard to open. I am not complaining but just saying the seal is amazing. On low pressure days the air comes out after the unlatch.


    there is never any better ammo can to be found than us military ammo can with its rubber seal to prevent water leakage

  63. David Stroz

    I’ve gotten these ammo boxes to store LiPo batteries for my RC Aircraft. Being they have the possibility to explode while charging or while stored, it’s important to keep them in a safe spot at all times and these ammo boxes to GREAT at that.I was a bit worried after reading reviews saying they were dented or rusted, however mine were in great shape, not a spec of rust and just a few minor dents, but nothing that affects the performance or seal on them. Do remember to drill about 4 holes in the top if you plan on using these as LiPo storage units being that pressure will build up otherwise being I don’t think these are vented by default.

  64. KBeagle

    I suspect what you get depends on the vendor that you buy them from. The ones I’ve received from solid tactical were basically in new condition. No dents or scratches of any kind and, as far as I can tell, a new rubber seal. Works for me!

  65. Bob

    Great quality bought 3 cans all of them are in great condition no rust and the rubber gaskets are in great condition

  66. Adam

    Sturdy and as solid as you’d expect. Mine came used but in ‘like-new’ condition. No rust or dents. This thing could take some serious abuse.

  67. ARN

    I love these boxes for storage in my cars. Jumper cables, rags, whatever store in these wonderfully and they are waterproof. You can sit on these if you need to change the tire on the car.

  68. D.S.

    One of the best prices I found on the internet. Box is brand new with no marks. Fast delivery. I really like the larger size box to hold extra items. I recommend and will buy again when needed.

  69. Kathy K

    Perfect experience and product. Prices are rising on these, but even after shipping via Amazon, the total cost was less than buying locally. And they are in excellent shape. I would recommend to a friend.

  70. Tyler

    I really like it

  71. Thomas D. Nguyen

    Works great. No complain.

  72. Kurtis S.

    Love this 50mm ammo can. Coupled it with the MTM ACC9 ammo can Combo (make sure it’s the combo) so that I could get the ammo organizers and they fit perfectly. Amazon is missing a great opportunity by not selling the two as a set. Now I use the MTM box as a cleaning supplies storage box, this can as the actual ammo can. Seal on this was in great shape. (Occassionaly get a slight ding now and then, nothing major)

  73. bklynbob

    This is a perfect size to store boxes of ammo. Fit lots of boxes that I had in separate cardboard containers. Am buying a few more to clean them all up.

  74. David L. Riley

    Great storage box’s for the price.

  75. Robert Rahn

    fits well with my military jeep

  76. erik moran

    a good,clean can. fast shipping. good seller

  77. Doug

    Mine was in great condition.

  78. kavin gustafson

    Cool stuff

  79. J.Eagle

    Great cans !

  80. Heidi l Modi

    Sturdy and seem to be good quality…has worked for me really well

  81. bigdog

    box good shape

  82. tucker8297

    I’m satisfied with this ammo canister. Very nice condition when I received it.

  83. Sam McCrory

    As described.

  84. Deaf Guy

    What more can be said? It’s an ammo can. My only suggesting would be that the seller needs to clarify the dimensions of the case. I though these were the full size tall cans, not the regular medium ones.

  85. Geeks4x4

    Great price, these are the best storage boxes, water tight and closed up tight. I use it on the back of my buggy to haul tools. Works great!

  86. W. L.

    Good for the price. All were repainted (I would have preferred them not to be actually as it was a cheap paint job), packed very well for shipping.

  87. L. Bounds

    Worked great just as advertised

  88. bryak42

    Brand new condition and a new seal and paint. I will be buying more!

  89. charles h evans

    A .50 Cal ammo can, you know what this is and short of one that’s rusted through they are almost always useful and durable. The one I received had been re-painted to O.D. green, but who cares? It’s solid enough. Good price when I bought mine and quick delivery.

  90. Amazon Customer

    They were great. I will be ordering more.

  91. Speedy

    Good ammo can

  92. April Hyman

    Mt husband ammo box that he got from the Marines was stolen. This looks just like it.

  93. Dhealy3

    Ammo can was listed for sale as used but it looks brand new! great price and fast shipping also, thank you will buy more

  94. Pacman_fever

    It’s what I expected. I bought this to store Lipo RC batteries. Though I wonder if a reg. tool box would suffice. It’s an interesting looking container and that’s about it. Solid construction.

  95. w16240

    This box is great for use as storage- it is definitely waterproof (put it in a bathtub and didn’t see any bubbles and inside was dry) The latch is very strong and completely seals the box. Like other reviews said it was painted over, but was painted nicely. Other reviews complained about the smell from the paint- my box only smelled on the inside, so i just left it open for a little bit, and the smell is now gone. Also it had a few scratches here and there, but its a metal box so what do you expect.Overall, I would buy this product again.

  96. Charles D. Ciancio


  97. lronman

    good solid ammo can.

  98. Cara Hancock

    Just what I was looking for. (Gift)

  99. S. Meister

    Couldn’t be any newer. No Dents NO scratched. Say what!!???

  100. Jim Kincannon

    it is a ammo box just set there nice and dry.

  101. ChrisJ

    Was in perfect shape when I received it however holy heck does it stink inside. Otherwise no issues at all.

  102. Tyler

    Pretty good condition, which you can never be too sure about with steel ammo cans.

  103. charles kyzer

    No surprise, came just as described.

  104. Robert 1963

    just like new works great

  105. Chase

    I was weary about purchasing this item due to some of the reviews, but I am more than glad I decided to go through with it. Zero rust is present, the lid closes very tightly, but not difficult to open. Some reviews didn’t like the fresh paint, but I think it looks excellent. There was a very faint smell inside, but I wouldn’t even call it a bad smell, I just let it air out outside overnight. I haven’t checked for waterproofing, but my use doesn’t require that. I use it for storage of LiPo batteries and couldn’t be happier. If you are going to use it the same way as I do, just remember to drill two 1/4″ holes to allow for air flow. And put in some cushion on the bottom to avoid shortages. Maybe I was just one of the lucky ones, but I 100% recommend this item. Quick delivery also (delivered on a Sunday oddly enough).

  106. Dean

    Not as nice as the “real thing” but perfect for what it was intended. They arrived, well packaged to prevent damage, ahead of schedule, and were in pristine condition. Had a little problem prying one open like the paint job hadn’t dried before they sealed it. Also the flat matte green paint job is not as appealing to the eye as the “real thing” but it was applied well with no spotting or drips. Still, they are all that the advertising claims and I will likely purchase more from this vendor.

  107. Evelynn Sherwood

    fast delivery, product as described completely.

  108. Comanche6

    Arrived brand new and the price is better than most.

  109. Michael Tucker

    Perfect item

  110. P Rand

    As expected. shipping was good. Can was in good condition and smelled like any other amo can.

  111. Knife Guru

    The description is accurate to a certain degree. Some reviewers said that they received a piece of garbage completely opposite the product description, when that is clearly not the case. The case is a refurb, and it is repainted; however, it is properly restored to its former glory (see photos). I’ll sum the condition of the product up in a few words: “Accurate description, well worth the money.”

  112. Erik

    The can I received was in perfect shape, exactly as shown in the pictures. It had no dents, no rust, and the seal was in good condition. I’m buying a few more!

  113. Chris

    Came in perfect shape, just as described. Thing is solid. Very satisfied

  114. Robert Vaughn

    Nice new and army spec all the way. !!!!!

  115. Kevan Barnes

    Keeps all my ammo organized and stored with ease and safety.

  116. Myles S.

    Good solid box

  117. Brent Van Immelen

    Great ammo cases, brand new and function perfectly. Paint is fresh and a smell a little strong but this will fade over time. Gasket is tight and lid secures well. Did not test waterproofing but am sure that it works. I dont plan on dropping them in the ocean anyway so not a big concern.

  118. Rav4JMS

    Great quality!

  119. Steve Dietrich

    Perfect condition , high quality construction . A little more expensive than most but the best I have seen . Each packaged in a very strong, protective box.

  120. Harry DBH

    I have a same box , Metal is much better than plastic. Since my ammo keep coming, One box is not enough for it. I may buy more.

  121. Johncv66


  122. Len Willis

    Box appears to be brand new, paint job is fresh. Holds all 850 rounds of .38 caliber ammo,in the boxes. Before filling it I immersed it in water overnight. When I opened it in the morning, the interior was bone dry. I am very pleased with the purchase and will be purchasing a few more in the future for other storage uses.

  123. WHIPPAH

    Brand spankin’ new like advertised!

  124. Bludog

    Awesome. Came in Army green. The paint wasn’t perfect but no rust and no dents. 100% waterproof..tested. Don’t expect them to look like the picture.

  125. justin davis

    Great ammo can I have 3 of these.

  126. DANNY

    Ammo can was new looking.Good overall constuction.Has rubber seal for water tight.Very satisfied with product.Will be ordering more.

  127. Steven Shantz


  128. mk

    Very nice. Will purchase more.

  129. Beethoven

    Very good ammo cans. Ordered a pair on two seperate occasions and each one was brand new and in excellent condition.

  130. Amazon Customer

    Same military can I’m used to. They have a great gasket to seal. No markings on can.

  131. Emily K

    Perfect and just like described.

  132. WDS

    Nice can. New. Good seal.

  133. Devin and Rebekah

    Sturdy and nice seal. Holds enough ammo. Getting another soon.

  134. Aussie57

    These are great ammo cans from a great company! I would definitely recommend them. I actually bought these to store lithium/ lipo batteries so if they did decide to catch fire they wouldn’t burn our business down. They are very well made from heavy gauge material. Solid Tactical, (the company that makes these) was very responsive and great to work with. Two separate orders got to me quickly and in good condition.

  135. Jordan L.

    Smelled like funky new paint when you first get it, but it goes away. The top appears to seal very well, but also means that it can be hard to open.

  136. Alycat

    Ahhhhh, finally Metal…in a world of plastic, n made in USA…unbelievable!

  137. Travis Wixsten

    Very well built, nice and clean.

  138. Tatiana

    I love it, I can’t wait to show my bf! 😊But maybe they should put a sticker that says handle with care because they just threw my box when they delivered it 😞 but other than that… I love it and I can’t wait to see his expression!

  139. The Real Deal

    This is just like any plain old 50 cal ammo can. Nothing different about it. Same handle, same latch, same seal, same dimensions. But, it’s the nicest, newest looking ammo can I’ve ever seen. There wasn’t even a hint of rust anywhere. No dents or dings. Just an ammo can in a box. So if you’re looking for an ammo can that looks like it just left the factory, buy this one.

  140. Shep.

    Well made, new ammo can. I don’t see anything negative to report on this product. I would recommend this product for ammo storage and other options.

  141. Earl

    I was build a solar panel kit. This is my first attend and turn out work out prefect as i expected

  142. Darrin C

    As expected

  143. paul kellogg

    Everything I wanted I bike daily and needed something that would take the abuse of the ride and keep things dry and it does just that

  144. Mike

    Exactly as described.

  145. Miranda H.

    Exactly as advertized. Shipped quickly and arrived on time. Will definitely be ordering again.

  146. Steven C.G. White

    I lined it with a few gold foil aluminum space blankets to help probably needs charcoal black high temp exhaust paint on outside to protect ammo from wifi and microwave gunner arrays across the usa cities. FFCHS

  147. ajb03

    Wonderful cans, small brand new, almost need to air them out. Seals have fresh powder around the rings. Get some desiccant packs and be sure to include them in your cans, and store them in dry mid temp areas if possible. If you store these outdoors in your garage in the freezing cold, it seems like condensation or moisture could sneak it’s way in. I put mine inside in the warm safe in a heated area so hopefully that will extend the ammo shelf life.

  148. Sergey Pazychev

    I received this Can on time. The product has good quality and designed as was described.

  149. John F Chambers Jr

    Using it for my LIPO batteries. Great box!

  150. V. White

    perfect gift for my husband, Ill definitely purchase again

  151. Ron Walls

    So far these have proven to be reliable for my ammo storage. Seals have been solid and it’s new as advertised.

  152. Richard J Helmich

    Nice ammo can. Good seal.

  153. jlask1016

    I purchased this item and also got the lock kit:  Ammo Box Can Lock Hardware Kit .50 Cal, Fat 50,l 30 Cal, 20 mm, 40 mm (1 Count)  (sold separately), and together I have exactly what I wanted: a sturdy can for my ammo that is lockable for safety. If I need another, I might look a little harder for one that locks without having to install a lock kit, but it only took about 20 mins. to install. The lock kit just requires one hole drilled (make sure it’s centered!) and then it’s very easy to assemble.I have it full, and the can and ammo weigh 27 lbs., yet the handle doesn’t seem at all stressed.

  154. Lawrence Rayburn

    Good clean condition. Wish it had been cheaper and I could have bought a dozen.

  155. Amazon Customer

    Excellent. Thank you

  156. michael wray

    I bought 5 of these, which were all shipped quickly, packaged sufficiently, etc.The only problem was a streaky section that was exactly the same shape and size on each one…not sure how that happens.Would buy again, even with the streaks.

  157. Dee Snuts

    Functions as expected. Good product.

  158. Tom A. Resler

    Product arrived well packed, and in a timely fashion.Both cans ordered were blemish~free, and in good working order.Highly recommended.

  159. John F. Sullivan III

    Good quality and does the job!

  160. Edwin A. Soto

    very good

  161. Edgardo Martinez


  162. AmazonCustomer Since 2003

    It’s what I expected. It’s a metal ammo can like we used in the military. It came with some minor scratches but that’s fine. It’s going to get scratched up anyways.

  163. Marlin P Abramson

    Great box, works well, you can’t go wrong with this one.

  164. Robert

    Despite some negative reviews, I ordered this and received it today. The case looks almost brand new. No scratches or dents. No text anywhere on the can. The drab green color is even over the entire surface. The water seal is excellent. I’d definitely buy again.

  165. Betty H.

    The product was exactly as stated.

  166. RafikiM.

    Great can! Exactly like the description.

  167. Doug

    Excellent quality. I needed a fire proof container to store lipo batteries that are used in remote control boats, etc.

  168. Susan E. Frazier DVM

    I use these waterproof boxes for canoe trips to store gear. Great quality and delivered in 2 days!

  169. Steve

    Can is perfect, probably going to order 2 more!

  170. Don

    Read some bad reviews, vendor name wasn’t given. The quality of Solid Tactical 50 Caliber Steel Ammo Can M2A1 Waterproof is top notch, plan to order more.

  171. H.Brewer

    Steel box new seal

  172. zachf

    New never used can. *****

  173. Sundog

    Have purchased 3 if these boxes over a period of 6 months and have found all of them to be top quality.

  174. sacharok

    Great quality merchandise delivered as advertised

  175. bcky

    What can you say about an ammo can?This can does what it’s supposed to do: seals when closed and latches securely.

  176. Chiquitita

    Got here as promised and in perfect, new condition. I’m very satisfied!

  177. Dustin Reynoso

    I was skeptical about ordering one because of all the reviews from people saying they come scratched or damaged. I went ahead and ordered. I got the product six days quicker than expected to Southern California. No scratches and fits my 1,200 rounds of 5.56!

  178. Hope C. Geary

    Exactly as described, well made, shipped promptly, would order again.

  179. Kelly Ocain

    This doesn’t appear to be a ‘New’ can but it was in very good condition, had a new paint job, a good seal and no dents or imperfections. Overall very pleased with the quality of this item. Mine did not have a sticker on it, I had read reviews from others having an issue removing it.

  180. SageGreenKat

    Good quality ammo can. It is new, has a hinged top, and a rubber seal.The only issue, which isn’t too bad, is some areas were way over painted. Which makes the can a bit difficult to open, and paint chips may get everywhere.

  181. Sa’al

    Quality speaks for itself.

  182. Amazon Customer

    Durable, waterproof, great.

  183. Doug

    Excellent carry case for Li-Poly batteries. I was glad to find a new ammo box at this price.

  184. Michael J

    Perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for my lipos or bullets!

  185. kookaburra

    good product

  186. Andrew

    Came to me new, no defects of any kind. Happy with my purchase, quality product.

  187. Eugene

    Love the cans…Reminds me of being back in the Army

  188. Dylan

    Was exactly as described. However smaller than I had expected, the dimensions were provided in the pictures. I used these cans as side boxes on my motorcycle with a bracket I welded up. They stayed completely dry inside during a 600 mile trip around lake Ontario in the wind and rain. I can not say the same for myself.

  189. johndavidallen23

    Great ammo can.

  190. James G. Fisher III

    I needed a water tight cobtainer for storage on my old ford truck. This worked perfect. Came in fast and works great.

  191. Edward R

    Work great to hold all my pistol mags

  192. Jennifer Johnson

    Was a gift I had sent directly to my son so I did not see quality. My son was very pleased though and did arrive super quickly. I expect to order more as gifts for other family members.

  193. Michael Davidson

    Awsome ammo can ! ! !

  194. Nikki W.

    Great product. I bought this item as a gift for someone and from what I can tell it is in great condition. I was told to watch for good a seal, this item was infact new and had an excellent seal.

  195. RCjim

    I wont say I love it but it is what I ordered, came in excellent shape. For me opening it is my only complaint but I guess if it wasn’t water tight I would complain about that. LOLBox ix being used to store my Radio Control batteries called LIPOS. Will buy another when I have the need!

  196. B Heide

    Arrived quickly. No issues. Does the job.

  197. Nancy K

    I wanted this for storing Li Po batteries. It arrived on time and suits the purpose perfectly.

  198. Amazon Customer

    Received this product in just a few days, they far exceeded my expectations and the fit my needs perfectly. Highly recommend this product.

  199. Amazon Customer

    Arrived in good condition and was quality.

  200. Lali

    Bought this for me brother and he loved it

  201. Scott Johnson

    Great product

  202. Mosin Nagant

    Grade A ammo can. Arrived in perfect condition.

  203. Michael Sclafani

    Great ammo can. High quality and always have no defects.

  204. JJ Selagy

    Good strong box, I installed the lock bolt and it does exactly what I needed. Holds quite a bit.

  205. Amazon Customer

    Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Clean. Not a bad price considering what a used can goes for.

  206. S. H.

    Solid Tactical is an understatement! Wow! This is an amazing waterproof Ammo can of excellent quality. Shipped quickly. If giving it as a gift, I suggest opening it to rid the inside of a paint odor.

  207. A. Bonanini

    Great product and quick ship !!!

  208. Wiley Hodges

    It’s an ammo can. I don’t hold ammo in it, so I guess I don’t know how well it works for its stated purpose. I use it for storing LiPo batteries, and for that it’s perfect.

  209. forrest

    Thanks exactly what it said i was getting

  210. Jen

    The cans look great! Seem to open and close easily.

  211. Tyler M

    Very solid ammo can, just as expected.

  212. Dale Dean

    Great storage. New and seals nicely

  213. Guy Schwellenbach

    product as stated

  214. carol

    Great condition

  215. Amazon Customer

    bought as gift. Works well to store chains in

  216. Alex Meinssen

    Came on time and in new condition. No dents or discoloring, lid seals up nice and tight.

  217. Kindle Customer

    Can was new and free of defects.Would buy again

  218. Amazon Customer

    Just a describe, brought for my husband for Christmas and I’ll know he love it.

  219. Amazon Customer

    Just what I wanted!

  220. Saak Dertadian

    Robust. Perfect.

  221. Jay Dawg

    Very pleased with the quality of these ammo cans!

  222. john a girouard

    All is well

  223. Allison

    Arrived in brand new condition. Has a very tight seal and makes carrying even a heavy amount of ammo easy. I use all the time.

  224. JEANNIE N

    Arrived just as described

  225. Amazon Customer

    Great product, no rust or dents and the can is 100% waterproof. No problem fitting all my LiPo batteries inside.

  226. Morris A Weller

    These were great.

  227. Amazon Customer

    Solid box and the Foam insert fits snuggly. They’re cut with different depths so you can customize it to fit you particular Handgun. Only recommendation I would make is be sure to order the Lock that comes with it . I didn’t realize there was one until after I placed my Order

  228. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I was looking for! Great price and they got it to me before Christmas.

  229. James D.

    Good solid can. No dents, good packing.

  230. mlr

    Very solid item. My nephew uses it to store his ammo and was just thrilled with the quality and sturdiness of the can.

  231. Ramona Mooney

    Exactly what I wanted! Would recommend.

  232. Amazon Customer

    Works great for what I use them for .

  233. michelle c reich

    Came promptly on Christmas Eve. Was exactly what the description said. My husband was very happy!

  234. Kassy

    It served it’s purpose which was to hold ammunition!

  235. A. Tortorice

    So far, it meets or exceeds my expectations. I am actually using this as a “poor man’s” faraday cage and have tested it with both a radio and a cell phone. Signals are blocked when the box is sealed, so I believe this should work for me if needed.

  236. Susan C.

    Sturdy, watertight. Just what my husband was wanting for Christmas. Great product.

  237. wegentryjr

    This ammo can arrived quickly and as advertised. I can’t wait to get some paint on it and set up.

  238. Amazon Customer

    Exactly as described

  239. Jodie

    Exactly what we were wanting.

  240. Sp4

    This is my third ammo can from Solid Tactical…. All in the same condition BRAND NEW! Excellent product, and fast shipping.

  241. Amazon Customer

    As advertised. Good quality. Good seals.

  242. Tonya

    Recieved my ammo cans and they were in perfect condition. Good quality. No rust or scratches. Shipping was fast as well.

  243. blurryshot

    I purchased this for lipo rc batteries.It was an excellent choice, in perfect shape.

  244. Amazon Customer

    Great item. Very durable. A+!

  245. phil

    Nice new can.Works perfectly for my use.ToughSeal something while retaining a armored shell.PERFECT!

  246. BillSC

    This is a brand new ammo can as advertised. Good quality lid seal. There are no dents, scratches, or unusual markings and I am completely satisfied with the purchase. The item was also shipped and arrived quickly (two days) via Amazon Prime.

  247. Clay R Burton

    Top quality ammo can.

  248. One Person’s View

    Great item! Nice and sturdy.

  249. Scott A

    Well made, strong metal cans. I use them to store Lithium Batteries!

  250. W

    what I needed and shipped promptly

  251. James J Morrisy

    Great cans!

  252. RickyD

    Great place to store ammo, this is the second one I have purchased.

  253. b piper

    Great product – would buy again.

  254. gqmalibu

    Product is as advertised – definitely brand new with fresh paint, and perfect seal. However, because of this, I had A LOT of tiny little paint chips cracking off from around all the pivoting joints, which can make a mess of a clean area. So, if you care, you’re going to want to hold the box over the trash can or something while slapping it and continually opening/closing the cover to work free all potential paint chips. Also, my box did not come with the sticker that other reviewers have mentioned is annoying and difficult to remove, so maybe the seller took heed and did away with it.

  255. Annie

    Loved this. My son loves cool containers and this was a last minute Christmas idea. Turn around time was very quick and it is a very cool container.

  256. Amazon Customer

    Sweet can. A little tight to open but I’m sure will wear in.

  257. Commander Pierce

    These are much higher quality than the used surplus ammo cans you can find for cheaper. Air and water tight, I expect these to safely store my rounds for many years. I’ll definitely be buying more in the future.

  258. Bugsy

    Great company.Fast delivery .

  259. Randy E. Blue

    The ammo cans are perfect for storing ammunition. They are sturdy and seal out air and moisture. The fit and finish of the cans is high quality, and it appears that they will have a long serviceable life.

  260. wes

    There is nothing like a steel ammo can for storing the brass. This one has a tight seal and is made in the good ol’ USA. I have confidence this will last me through the years. However, when you first open up this bad boy, it has a bit of a stench, but nothing an overnight air out can’t fix. I had trouble finding these at my local sporting goods and firearms stores, so I was thrilled to find one on Amazon at a competitive price.

  261. scseh

    Ammo can showed up quicker than other Amazon orders. It was in pristine shape. The latch sticks a little, but with time and usage, it should loosen up. I don’t think this Ammo can was ever used.I bought Ammo can to put Syma X5C Lipo Batteries into when charging them up to contain any potential fires that may arise. See YouTube videos on “lipo battery fire.”

  262. Andrew W.

    Exactly what I wanted

  263. JC

    Perfect condition. Exactly what they say it is.

  264. Amazon Customer


  265. JSK

    These are the real deal. Works as you would expect!

  266. Jerry

    Easier than digging through the dented and rusted cans at a scrap yard. These work well.

  267. Loric

    I like these ammo cans! The help me keep track of all my ammo and it is waterproof as well.

  268. Amazon Customer

    Purchased 3 cans. Received all as advertised in good condition. Tested against water leaks and they all remained dry over night. I feel confident storing my ammo in these containers and would recommend them in the future.

  269. Craig

    Appears to be water tight.Works well.

  270. Michael McKinney

    Boxes in great shape

  271. Nodari Pantsulaya


  272. Amazon Customer

    It’s a perfect new ammo can as described.

  273. Calvin Dang

    Item arrived as described ***** (5 Stars)

  274. D. PLANTE

    These Ammo Cans are great. They were at the right price point for me.

  275. Snicker

    Already buried and “working”.

  276. ee

    Brand new ammo cans are a real treat.

  277. JT@WNC

    Great ammo box, just what I was looking for to surprise my husband and he loves it! He says it’s exactly like the box he had in the Marines. Thanks so much for a great product, super fast shipping and the coupon for savings on the next ammo box we purchase!

  278. Calvin Post

    Great product!

  279. Leslie A.

    Fast delivery and excellent product.

  280. Cecil Simon

    Great product at a great price


    Heavy duty and closes up tight, I recommend.

  282. Cynthia

    New, heavy and has a tight seal. Will order some more for my sons. I keep walkie talkies in mine but can think of many other uses. Tween boys like them for their treasures.

  283. William H.

    I have purchased multiple cans and have had absolutely no problems

  284. Justin Kelly

    Perfect for my lipo batteries

  285. James K

    great cans and great customer service thank you

  286. peanut

    It’s a little hard to open but other than that is a good product.

  287. Amazon Customer

    Item was exactly as described. Very happy.

  288. Rick

    Exactly as advertised, would recommend.

  289. K9Claudia

    Perfect! This is filling a need that I have to keep my training aids safe and secure. I use these in the training of my working dog

  290. gabe36483

    My husband loved it and was surprised at the great quality for the price.

  291. Amazon Customer

    Nice cans! 😁

  292. Snowdog

    Very nice can. Had decent paint job, no rust visible and a good fitting tight seal. Just what I needed for its intended purpose and it holds a lot.

  293. BrianW

    Great product and prompt shipping

  294. Amazon Customer

    Looks like it’s pretty good quality. It seals very tight. Overall I’m happy. Makes my ammo supply look a lot better organized.

  295. BluFish

    The description is accurate and it is by far the BEST ammo case! I love the sturdiness and it is a reasonable price. I hope to never find out just how waterproof it is since I live in southern Louisiana, but knowing it is, gives me peace of mind. When I finish filling it up, I will invest in another one.

  296. jonathan kearley

    I wish the sticker wasn’t on the can, but otherwise great product.

  297. Jose R.

    Very good quality and look.

  298. Noe orellana

    Very good product, it is air & water proof, I know these when I try to open it for the first time, I have to ask my wife to hold the Barton part we gat to open it in the second attempt, I was a litter mad I tough they paint the can and close the lite before drying, I was wrong, when we open it it sound like we haves open a batter of Coca-Cola, it was air tite.

  299. tim wilson

    Great amo can!

  300. Scott

    Well made for a reasonable price.

  301. joseph ross

    came good

  302. Charles

    Absolutely a high quality ammo can, I love it!!

  303. Kindle Customer

    Just like what I used in the USMC back between 89 to 93, except these are brand spankin new. Will hold 840 rounds of 5.56 ammo in stripper clips with boxes (3 clips per box) packed tightly. Throw in some dessicants and close the tight sealing lid and the rounds should last for a millennium (unless you frequent the range ) 🙂

  304. FafhrdF

    Just like advertised. It is new, made out of steel, and seals nicely. Did I mention very quick delivery?

  305. Andrew Boone

    Exactly as expected! Will buy more.

  306. E. Dunn

    Great and quickly delivered!

  307. mr anonymous

    Great item, exactly as described. will buy from this company again.


    Brand new can and seal. Will definitely be buying more

  309. Amazon Customer

    Quick, easy, EXACTLY what I ordered and pure quality.

  310. Amazon Customer

    Fits my loose .308 perfectly

  311. Dripdiva

    Great item

  312. Jon

    Excellent quality, new

  313. Kindle Customer

    Exactly what I ordered. Water tight

  314. Frank

    My 50 caliber steel ammo can arrived ahead of schedule and is exactly as described. It works beautifully as a pistol cabinet and i’ll be ordering more of the same.Many thanks,Frank

  315. Nicolas

    My father landed on the beach at Normandy and fought his way across Europe on foot. Dad served in the US Army through The TET Offensive in Vietnam. Always a husband and father first, he was a kind man who never raised his hand or voice to my mother or his children. We always loved and respected him. He had great love for our country and the United States Army. He often joked that he was so Army that when he cut himself he bled OD green. Dad passed recently and it came to me that the only vessel suitable for this brave and highly decorated soldier had to be “Government Issue”. I have an expert painted standing by to stencil Dads name and dates on this 50 cal ammo can. What I needed was the best Military spec product I could find. Solid Tactical not only delivered, they followed up to make sur it was right. I will be honored to present dads remains at his full military service this Spring. It will be professionally stenciled and clear coated. I will be proud to present this unique vessel at ceremony at The Vererans Memorial. Thank you Solid Tactical!In memory of MSGT William Rhodes US ARMY, 1925-2015.Love you Dad!

  316. Michael Mearlon

    I love my am again and is very watertight

  317. Thorstein Veblen

    Good ammo box in great shape!

  318. Jake McCabe

    This is amazing. I put oil in it to quench knives and it hasn’t leaked.

  319. Amazon Customer

    Very sturdy

  320. omer

    loved it

  321. Nick Nightingale

    I managed to fit 185 boxed shells in mine.

  322. D. S.

    This is a good, heavy can. I highly recommend them to store just about anything in them.

  323. Amazon Customer

    This is really great for going to the range. I showed this to my buddies and they’re going to be getting this soon.

  324. Arnel Varmaz

    As advertised.

  325. Mitchell Buyak

    Exactly what I wanted! Fast shipping.

  326. Sophia F.

    Excellent customer care! Great ammo can!

  327. Jeremy G

    This was purchased as a gift and the recipient was happy.

  328. Felipe

    New condition as described. Good fitting water proof lid with new rubber seal. Perfect for Ammo and standard size as with other M2A1 Ammon can’s. Can purchase included a coupon usable with next order.

  329. Jay Neer

    As advertised it’s a sheet metal box at a good price:) Arrived as advertised , which has been rare for most prime orders from other companies.They sent me a coupon so I’ll be ordering again soon.

  330. Amazon Customer

    Fast shipping. Ammo can freshly painted. No dents or dings.

  331. christopher odell

    Came just as described lot’s of room for my ammo

  332. Chris Smith

    I just received one each of a .30 cal and a .50 cal. ammo can today (which was a pretty fast turnaround). Both came painted a much darker color than these pictures…..more of the old school olive green rather than olive drab. They appear to be identical to GI ammo cans. There were no brand stickers on either one. Other than that, the cans are in good shape and seem robust enough, and are pretty much what you see in the product pictures. The lids were stuck pretty fast on their seals when I first unlatched and opened the boxes, but the insides were dry and clean, and both cans are rust free. Both have an intact rubber seal, which seems to be coated with some kind of talc preservative. My next task will be to find out how many rounds of .308, 5.56, 9mm, and .45 ACP each can will hold, and then I’ll order as many of either size as I need to reorganize my ammo storage. I can see other uses for them too. I don’t know if these prices are competitive with other providers or mil-surp dealers, but they seem fair enough for what you get.I have attached a photo of the smaller can, containing exactly 360 rounds of .308 Winchester 150 grain boat tail soft points.

  333. Kindle Customer

    Very roomy and sturdy.

  334. Shane O

    A solid product.

  335. Soundchacer

    These cans are in great shape and were just what I was looking for to store my ammo in. I am going to order more.

  336. Jose Jimenez III

    Needed these for storage, obviously. Purchased this metal sucker and a different plastic one from another vendor.All I can say is that this is a beast of a can. It was way heavier and sturdier than I imagined. Interior storage wise, it is larger and more capacious than the other storage can I purchased and the latch and handle are crazy tough! Box does look a little weathered so a 1 star loss for that but regardless looks like it can outlive me.

  337. David Forrester

    Good, waterproof seal. Great box for ammo or..whatever you need.

  338. Ricky

    Everything came as discribed

  339. James E. Leasure

    Nice, new ammo can.

  340. Eddy N

    Arrived exactly as I expected it.

  341. CTO

    Hardcore, everything I hoped for.

  342. EW

    I bought this to keep my snacks safe at work. We have an itinerant rat who has marauded my stash of trail mix, protein bars, and even coffee. Double ziplocs did not dissuade the rat, so, ammo can. I anticipate never having to share my trail mix again. At least with a rat.

  343. michael nugent

    Excellent product would definitely recommend to others I use mine to store my LiPo batteries for my RC trucks keeps my house safe in case they go on fire

  344. Jim

    Great Quality, fast delivery. That’s all you need!!!!

  345. Amazon Customer

    Great experience!

  346. Amazon Customer

    Just received them, seem to be excellent quality. Will buy them again.

  347. Michael D. Engle

    Very happy with the purchase.

  348. chris holiga

    Hasn’t let me down so far. Ammo in can is used and replaced. I put some silicon packets in it.

  349. Kumar S.

    It’s a great product. Does the job well. Only complaint the paint job could have been better but that’s just a cosmetic thing.

  350. JerryNycom

    Solid and the price is right!

  351. Amazon Customer

    Solid container, tight seal should keep contents dry.

  352. J. Luu

    good quality can. about to order my third

  353. Matthew Lee

    Way to expensive but quallty is great.

  354. Josh H

    These are a quality made product, and exactly what I’d hoped for. They are heavy-duty, have good functioning handles, and make an air-tight seal. I’m using them for ammo storage, and feel better knowing they are sealed and secure.

  355. Robert T

    I have purchased 7 of these now over the past couple of years. I could get them cheaper but the quality of these make them worth the price to me. I can cram 1000 .223/.556 rounds along with a silica gel moisture absorber with ease.Updated 5-7-16 received most recent order of these and they are not brand new as in the past. They still serve my purpose but I don’t feel that they are worth $29 each with a couple dents, faded paint and surface rust. One had dried grass clippings inside. I deducted one star only because I will order one more time in the future and review again

  356. Jeff

    Exactly what I needed and was what I expected. Great product.

  357. NH Fat Biker

    Fast shipping, solid, exactly what I was looking for

  358. Amazon Customer

    Great purchase! Air tight and solid.

  359. Angel

    Just as described. Perfect, new ammo cans! Very tight seal.

  360. mommyO4


  361. Brian F.

    as advertised

  362. MATT

    Great ammo box, was exactly as described.

  363. kathy newell

    A gift for my son. He was very- very- very happy with these. I will buy again. I wish they would be sold in a (new)larger group(6 or more) with prime shipping.

  364. George

    Very good ammo box they come well protected it separate box no scratches whatsoever I will get another one if I need it thank you for the product

  365. Kenneth Kull

    Great can,in perfect condition

  366. John Glenn

    The cans were as promised, exactly what I expected.

  367. Amazon Customer

    Great quality. Worked great for our DIY ammo can stove.

  368. Rick Lattimer

    I use the ammo cans to store LyPo batteries which power my RC airplanes. I have three cans now, but will be getting more in the future. They are well built and will serve my purpose for years to come. Oh, and they are MADE IN THE USA!!

  369. Dewayne

    This ammo can is rigid and well built, and has a tight seal to keep your ammo looking like new. Well worth the price

  370. Nana Cindy

    Brand new ammo case as advertised. No dents or scratches. Tightly closes. It had a somewhat strange odor as some others pointed out, so I aired it out a few days, and it’s no longer an issue. Delivery was prompt. I plan on buying more.

  371. Connie

    Fantastic and speedy service! Item was exactly as described and arrived in perfect condition……love it!

  372. Bhatch11

    Solid, brand new, great seal. You can sometimes get lucky buying used, but I preferred the peace of mind.

  373. Curt

    Unlike surplus cans these are unblemished and very sturdy. Great value.

  374. John T.


  375. jopfoto

    Bought them for my Lipo Batteries. They’re perfect!

  376. pach

    Excellent product but expensive!

  377. Stephen Gray

    Just what I expected will be ordering more in the future.

  378. GLEND46

    works ok but leaaks in the water

  379. Kevin Minott

    Works great

  380. William H. Jordan

    Great for safely storing Lipo batteries!

  381. Glenn Cabrera

    As advertised. Air tight. Strong and sturdy. Will buy again.

  382. lovelogic

    Cool beans

  383. Edward Zeiser

    It is exactly as described. It is is nice to get a new ammo can for not much more than a used one. I’m very pleased.

  384. Foreverjaded

    Shipped same day and can came in perfect condition. It was super hard to open at first but after you break it in, the can opens just fine

  385. LC JR

    Great value for the price!

  386. charley

    Cans came in seprate boxes in one box so they would not beat up each other . good cans a little smelly nice shape will order again.1000 rounds of 7.62×39 boxed fits nicely

  387. Jeff

    Exactly as described- brand new can as far as I can tell and new paint. The new paint smell inside the can in unavoidable so I do not understand the complaints. Its a waterproof can that traps the vapors well. I am letting it air out for a while before use. Some of the used cans I have purchased in the past smelled like oil and the oil smell does not just disappear when airing out the can but these smells will not deter me from using these cans. They are very useful and economical.

  388. Kevin Mutters

    Great product. Ammo can is very robust. Fast shipping.

  389. Daniel Arcand

    Great product. No dents, nothing bad. Hoping to turn it into a radio box.

  390. Rory Johnson

    Very happy with sturdiness and waterproof seal.

  391. Rvkientz

    Came exactly as described. Great condition and no signs of previous use. You can tell it’s been spruced up for selling. It did take a few mins to “break in” while opening and closing it just to have it work smoothly. I ordered this along with the locking hub and it makes for a very secure box for keeping things safe.

  392. mitch cox

    I used the box to house Case Club’s 24 magazine foam insert. This is an excellent product, well made and great customer service. It is great to be able to purchase a new steel .50 caliber box brand new for just a few bux more than an ugly scratched up, stinky surplus can. The customer service is worth twice the price!

  393. Rafael Villalobos

    Great ammo cans and in brand new condition

  394. Just Plain Cliff

    Freshly painted, no dings, no dents. A great way to store ammunition for storage or transport. I have 4 of these now; this was my second purpose from this company, and highly recommend them.

  395. gino

    Good product!!!

  396. Brian Ketchum

    Worked out perfect for lipo battery storage!!!!

  397. PaulMac

    Good solid can. Mine needed cleaning inside, and some tlc on the gasket, but I would have done this anyway to know it would do it’s job for the duration. Holds five 9mm 200 round boxes plus silica canister.

  398. Hal

    Very solid product

  399. Amazon Customer


  400. Jay T Johnston

    I’m able to store quite a few boxes of my 300win mag ammo in these cans. I have also used these cans to store appox. 600 to 800 boxed rds in the .50 caliber cans. These cans look like they have fresh/new seals on them.

  401. KH


  402. Sam DiMaio

    Works Great !!

  403. Branden L.

    Everything promised I’m getting another one

  404. Brian P Lee

    Exactly as pictured!

  405. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with it

  406. Amazon Customer

    Nice quality as described

  407. Edris K.

    Perfect size, well made, and made in the USA!

  408. Eric C. Long

    This was exactly what I was looking for, and could not be happier. It is an ammo can so not sure I can sing praises from the mountain tops, but it is what I used in the military and if it holds up to that then it will hold up in a temperature controlled house. They hold up better then the plastic ones. I have found I can fit a lot more boxed ammo in them. Plus, and maybe this is just personal, when I go to shoot I want to shoot not feel like I am going to a Tupperware party.

  409. Kindle Customer


  410. Amazon Customer

    As advertised

  411. Dreambiz

    My hubby is very happy with the quality of these great ammo cans. They came in new condition with no dings or scratches and they are very sturdy, watertight cans. Also the seller cares about their customers and contacted us to make sure we were satisfied and I felt they would have gone out of their way to make sure we were happy with our order. We’re extremely happy and would definitely order these ammo cans again if needed.

  412. herrera0431

    Good ammo can arrived just in time, great packaging. No problems as of now.

  413. SimpleButEffective

    Ordered this case and received a nice follow up email after my purchase as well as a personal email from the owner of Solid Tactical, customer service here is top notch and the product came FAST and it’s quality! What more can you ask for!

  414. CarolineM

    Exactly as advertised. Holds more ammo than I thought it would. Very happy with the product. Delivered fast too.

  415. Nick Spencer

    Great qualityExactly as advertised

  416. Teresa

    Very well put together. No complaints at all

  417. Amazon Customer

    Product look good with no defects.

  418. Joe Fo

    Jus what I expected!! I remember these from back in the old days….durable and excellent for storing and carrying my ammo and my pistols (in the cut form padding) to the range. The lock attachments were easily installed and now the ammo cans are secure! Thanks for timely delivery!

  419. GBehr

    Product as described, thank you

  420. Paul Han

    Great product, highly recommend! Packaging is well done to avoid damage of product. Fair price and fast shipping! The photo is exactly what the product looks like.


    Well made in the USA!

  422. C.C.I


  423. Sailorman

    Ammo can received in good condition. Used to build faraway cageto use for item I would need easy access to. Removed rubber seal, removed paint and built up seal lip with metal tape.

  424. Amazon Customer

    As described and arrived timely. Water tight and solid.

  425. it look cool play it

    Good quality

  426. Laura

    Exactly what I was looking for. Refurbished, so when it first arrived it had a bit of an odor, but aired it out on the patio and it’s totally fine now. Works perfectly.

  427. Robert obrien

    Great price …keeps my ammo dry and organized

  428. rayco

    A bit expensive but well made.

  429. Neal S. Wakabayashi

    Cans are exactly what I wanted and shipping was extremely fast.

  430. CNIC

    High quality and fast delivery

  431. Lauren In Glen Burnie

    Item was exactly as pictured. Using it to store LiPo batteries for RC aircraft. Highly recommended.

  432. JP

    Delivered as expected, good product, met my needs.

  433. alfonse cinquemani


  434. Kerry Renfroe

    Good quality, fast shipping!

  435. twin with twins

    Works great, exactly as described

  436. Demez

    Item was just as described.

  437. barry

    Great looking sturdy storage box

  438. MNed

    Nicely made and good shipping.

  439. Mercury

    I was happy overall with the product. Holds the 400 or so rounds of 9mm ammo that I have fine. Feels like strong build quality and worked okay with the ammo can lock I purchased. A minor note was the inside of the can had some extra paint that seemed like over-spray in it which if aesthetics are hyper-important to you may annoy you.The one flaw that I had to fix was that the seal was not put in properly when I purchased it. An area that extended a little past one corner of the lid had the seal bulging out beyond the crimped metal, the solution for this was me putting a smooth metal shim behind the crimp and pushing it out, then twisting and getting the seal into the lid myself, then re-crimping the metal.After that, the can worked and sealed fine. I gave it 5 stars still because I know it was just a QC slip up

  440. Craig

    Using to store Li-poly batteries. If it can hold .50 cal it can handle Li-polys.

  441. JB

    Good enough

  442. Amazon Customer

    Great can! Well made and seals very well. Tough to open the lid the first time.

  443. Chris

    Couldn’t be happier.

  444. Joe Smith

    Great can very well made

  445. Frostbeyet


  446. Amazon Customer

    I used one can for a First Aid Kit, and i’m not sure what im going to do with the other one.

  447. J P Hoff

    Ordered another one

  448. Demoncloak

    New, affordable, reliable. Definitely my first choice when it comes to getting new ammo cans.

  449. Amazon Customer

    great quality, super fast shipping. just what you would expect.

  450. Gaylan

    It is what it is. Very sturdy. I drilled a couple of holes in it because I use it as a safe to transport my RC LiPo batteries in when traveling in the car.

  451. @DTOM _1775

    As described, fairly priced.

  452. Donald Chiapetta

    Exact quality as advertised

  453. Dug K.

    Very satisfied very strong and well built

  454. Randy L. Prothero

    They came in in perfect condition. I had them filled with ammo right after they arrived.

  455. Hollyhon

    Great product and worth the price. I’ve been looking for a 50 cal ammo box for a gift and all the ones at gun shows are so beat up, rusty, or overpriced. This is a great value and came quickly and in excellent condition. I will no longer buy ammo boxes from anywhere else.

  456. Shikina mom

    Very fast shipping! Solid can! The only issue is the strong paint odor from the inside. I hope it eventually dissipates!

  457. Mark Dewees

    Very good construction and arrived hastily. Just like the MIL spec containers my always got in the USCG

  458. Katrina

    Great gift for Father’s Day.

  459. Felix

    Perfectly fits 1000 round case of 9mm bullets

  460. Christina B.

    Exactly what I wanted. The quality was good.

  461. Rance R.

    Extremely satisfied with my ammo cans, definitely more than I expected..most definitely order more..Thank you

  462. x

    What I needed

  463. alebrun

    Got this for my dad and he loved it! Thanks for the good quality.

  464. Taylor Kroman

    Really excited to find these, they delivered quickly and are awesome!

  465. R. Lott

    This is my second one, arrived quickly and is airtight and waterproof.

  466. Carlos Gamboa

    Solid materials! It came in perfect condition, no scratches or dents anywhere. I will definitely be buying more!

  467. Poindexter

    The order came on time as expected. No complaints with the quality of this product.

  468. Amazon Customer

    .50 caliber ammo can very well-made. Extremely fast delivery. A+

  469. John F. Mccabe

    Bought the .50 cal can to hold my .556 rounds. Was able to fit 1,000 rounds in the box. A+, would buy again!

  470. Michael Mazzucco

    Well made. Second purchase.

  471. christina jenkins


  472. PCBP

    Delivered promptly, very well made. Exactly like advertised.

  473. Marine Sgt

    Delivered earlier than expected, and are exactly as advertised.

  474. Samazon User

    It’s a beautiful ammo can. That smell brings back memories.

  475. Mastercard

    Great ammo cans. Thank you!

  476. Humberto Herrera

    Highly recommended to all the Amazon community!

  477. P. DeVusser

    Outstanding product of high quality and integrity at a fair price!

  478. J king

    Nice steel ammo cans that will hold alot of weight and last long. My only 2 concerns are when I wiped down the cans with a damp paper towel some of the green paint was on the towel. My second concern is that these cans come with a $5 off your next purchase if you register the can, yet their website is broken and registering is currently not possible!

  479. Amazon Customer

    I bought these for my husband and he is thrilled with the durability and quality of these ammo cans!

  480. Mike D

    Great box! Perfect size for storing LiPo batteries.

  481. Kenneth J Boff

    These are great for ammo storage and anything else you want to use them for! Being in the military for 17 years, I’ve acquired a couple of these through use. However, if these are not identical to the service ones I have, I cannot tell the difference. Great quality, great buy!

  482. derek141

    This is the highest quality can that I have ever received. Mint. For the priced I expected the usual, but this was very exceptional. Then I opened the can after some effort, I heard the air rush into it due to the seal having been in perfect working order during shipping.

  483. SecretSauce

    When new, it has a bit of a smell to it, but it will go away after a couple days. I removed the rubber seal on it and ‘m using this to store lipo batteries. There is a video on youtube showing how well these boxes contain a lipo fire (search for “How to store LiPo battery safely – In depth LiPo fire tests”) which drove me to buy this.

  484. Christopher M. Schiessl

    Great product High Quality just what I was looking for!

  485. Scott G.

    The ammo cans are great !. They are just like army issued but brand new. Definitely going to order more

  486. greg schultz

    Good and sturdy box

  487. Ronald Richard Weaver

    Received ammo cans in perfect condition. When needed I will purchase them again.

  488. Ralph S.

    As expected

  489. Amazon Customer

    As advertised, quick delivery. No complaints.

  490. J. Richard Fikuart

    Product is as specced. new and tight fitting lid.

  491. JM

    Product was exactly as advertised. A new ammo can with a new gasket, no rust, dents, blemishes or broken parts. I see people complaining about a “paint” smell. Get over it, this is an AMMO CAN and it’s used to store ammo, tools and various other things in a tough weatherproof place. I use mine to store Lithium Polymer batteries which are inherently “dangerous”. Yes a little pricey but you get what you pay for. If you need a beater, head on over to the surplus store and grab one there. Give the inside of that beater a smell and then you won’t be complaining about a “paint smell” with this high quality can. OUT!

  492. M. Lynn

    This item was purchased as a gift and shipped directly to the recipient. Shipping was quick. We’ve heard 0 complaints from the person we sent them to. I believe they are very happy with the product.

  493. Kent J.

    Great quality

  494. Jason

    Perfect for my needs

  495. john

    Solid can, does the job.

  496. J. Quarles

    Good quality. Just like I remember.

  497. BCC

    Very sturdy. Well made. Great value.

  498. Chris Williams

    Durable ammo box. I use them to store lipo batteries as have many others. I won’t hesitate to buy more when needed.

  499. DMK

    This is going to work perfect for what we want it for. Not using for AMMO.

  500. truth seeker

    Very nice brand new ammo can that have never been issued! Dad was very pleased with the gift.

  501. Dan K.

    Great product…exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!!

  502. Stephen

    A good sturdy ammo box. Has a rubber seal inside and closes securely.

  503. Damian G.

    Product is great and it arrived quickly.

  504. Chuck. Shull

    This was a great solution for us but not for Ammo. We needed a box to keep chargers and cables secure so that anyone that needed to could charge their electronic devices. We cut 3 small slits on each side of the box added a lock and bolted it to a cart. We having had a problem with any of the cables or charges being misplaced.The box itself is made very well. The hinges and such are smooth and the latch operates very well.I’d purchase this again from this vendor.

  505. Kenny B

    Awesome ammo cans very happy

  506. Pete K

    Just what I needed to store Lipo batteries in. Perfect! Looks like new but had a few small black pea size rocks of some kind rattling inside. I don’t want to know.

  507. G. Taylor

    Very happy with order. The ammo cans are new and in good shape. Arrived just a few days after ordering. Will order again.

  508. BLGriffit

    Was just as described and arrived a day early! Perfect!

  509. Ark06

    nice can, delivered very quickly

  510. Hoss

    This is great SHTF stuff ! ! ! Get ready and get prepared ! ! ! … Your gone to need it ! ! ! Really great for keeping your ammo dry and an easy way to bug out if you need too…

  511. scott shafer

    This product is exactly as advertised! I am very happy with this product and will be ordering more. The seal is so tight it’s ridiculous. No water or moisture is getting inside. I recommend this product for anyone that wants to store ammo or anything else that is sensitive to the elements

  512. ShantyTown

    Great customer service and a high quality ammo can, meets or exceeds the quality of others I have seen.

  513. Petitt

    Works great plan on getting another one for my 9mm rounds

  514. Tom B.

    it is what is says it is. Came fast and works perfect

  515. Mark

    Durable, tough, and practical. Solid made box.

  516. Amazon Customer

    Perfect in everyway. Clean strong and fresh

  517. Amazon Customer


  518. D. Stevenson

    Great shipping, perfect birthday gift for a man! ..I’m using it as my son’s birthday gift as well as his gift box. And inside will be the ammo he loves… Amazon gift card & his favorite….chocolate candy!! Thank you!

  519. Mona Y

    Great ammo box, holds 1000 rounds of 9mm, and nice, portable storage for when we go to the range.

  520. Katherine Johnson

    Great ammo box. I’m using it to make a Fallout kit for my husband, so it doesn’t need to be purposeful but the seal exceeded my expectations. I bet this thing is water tight!

  521. Jessica

    Husband loved them! We don’t keep ammo at home so we really didn’t need a box with a lock. This is just perfect for us to carry our ammo at the shooting range.

  522. Robert

    Exactly as described. Had that nice made in America smell. If you got an American can before you know what I mean.

  523. papafrita

    Good product to store ammo! Awesome!

  524. Fla Nuker

    Very good storage can with an excellent seal. Had a bit of trouble opening the can the first time, only because the can was under a slight vacuum. That is why I rated the seal as excellent.

  525. Sean


  526. Annie

    Product size and color as expected, happy with quality.I would add a sticker or logo for .50 cal ammo on the can.

  527. Amazon Customer

    my son who is in the army loved it as a birthday present

  528. HDHazell

    A bit pricey, but a great container for storage and transport.

  529. Thomas Gualano

    as described, perfect match

  530. Greg Johnson

    Great quality!!! Definitely recommend!!!

  531. Noah

    Just what I needed. Works well as has a good seal. It was a great deal.I am very pleased with this product!

  532. Nala

    They were exactly what we expected.

  533. seroteamavi

    This is a solid ammo box for the money. I use it to store my 9mm and .380 ammo. If you need to store/carry a lot of ammo, those plastic ammo cans aren’t going to work for you. This one will hold up.

  534. Randy T

    Great product and fast delivery. Very good air tight seal on this ammo can.

  535. J. brown

    I can open the box after lowering altitudes and I hear the suck of air when I crack the lid. Well made.

  536. Mirage

    Very clean and tight seal. No damage, paint is smooth and the overall product is strong.

  537. Amazon Customer

    Fast shipping. Everything the description said it would be.

  538. Chad P.

    Very sturdy and durable. Has a rubber seal so it is airtight and water tight. Gonna buy more for additional storage of ammo, cleaning supplies and assorted shooting equipment.

  539. T

    no issues, as advertised, will be purchasing again, for ammo and 18650 battery storage.

  540. Bnoub

    Great Ammo Cans. Love them.


    Item arrived as described

  542. D Waters

    Arrived extremely fast and is of very high quality. You don’t be disappointed, I’ll be ordering again in the future!

  543. Janet Garland

    perfect ammo can. I’m going to get another one.

  544. FeistyRed79

    Bought this for my teenage son as a birthday present. I filled it with his favorite snacks too, but he will definitely use it once the treats are gone. He loved it!

  545. Luis G.

    Great to store Lipo batteries, I am actually getting a second one.

  546. Kezarman

    Does just what I need.

  547. vvv

    Just what we need. Strong, well made.

  548. Larry A. Trivette

    very nice, works good, looks good! very happy with it.

  549. Tim Manning

    It’s well built water tight and rugged

  550. slida442

    Awesome can! Very well made here in the USA. Definitely recommend to others looking for a water proof metal container. I’ll be buying more soon!

  551. K D

    Good can and perfect for my ammo.

  552. Amazon Customer

    Quick service nice ammo can

  553. Tango Juliet

    Perfectly suited for storing my model rocket motors!

  554. Maryjo

    Fast delivery, product as advertised would deal with this company anytime. The best

  555. Amazon Customer

    Exactly as advertised. delivered quickly and reasonably priced.

  556. James Kennedy

    Great quality ammo cans!

  557. deebar54

    Good quality , too small , my fault .

  558. Amazon Customer


  559. Amazon Customer

    Ammo can is perfect, holds 1000 rounds of 223 with room left over.

  560. Roland L. Halpern

    Nice tight seal to keep moisture out.

  561. Rick D.


  562. Amazon Customer

    Met my needs

  563. S.Kelly

    Solid product.

  564. Amazon Customer

    As advertised. solid, well made, waterproof.

  565. Amazon Customer

    Great cans! Haha. Top notch quality. Will be buying more. ‘MERICA!!

  566. Vertel Jackson

    Heavy duty and great quality

  567. ALG

    Solid Military Grade.. I like the Water Proof Seal.. Using it to Store LIPO Batteries

  568. Terry Boerum

    Yep! Ammo can very cool and owned by a chick. I applied a white star sticker to back of can, as I LOVE stars, anything stars. I also applied stickers to which I own guns…… .22 caliber Browning automatic and .38 Special Revolver by Charter Arms: one on each side of can and then one each on top of can!!! Thanks tons and happy to write a review!


    Delivered timely and as described!!

  570. WJA

    I love it it came on time it is made very good and if I have to buy another one it will be from you thanks for a great product

  571. N

    Pretty solid ammo can. Already took it to the range with ammo and mags inside. Love it!

  572. Gregg C.

    as stated..excellent quality.

  573. R.J. Kelly

    Ok a bit expensive. DONT laugh I am 58 years old X navy veteran. So I sprayed it Neon pink, and added white glitter. Gave it as a gift to disable ARMY VETERAN…It was a bit hit…👍🏻❤️️Go lady veterans.

  574. Kindle Customer123

    Wonderful as advertised works great

  575. Mr. Cluck Cluck

    Perfect storage case nothing in or out.

  576. Martog

    These are worth every penny. My friends bought the cheap ones from Costco. We’ve taken a few trips to the desert. Mine are still like new and my friends are asking where I bought them so they can replace their broken ones.

  577. Amazon Customer

    All is good!

  578. The Dude

    Great solid ammo box. Love it.

  579. Amazon Customer

    Its exactly what I was looking for at a great price.

  580. Tee

    Serves purpose


    This can is very well made and water tight. Excellent for storage.

  582. Dee Jonas

    I purchased this 50 Cal Ammo Can as well as the 30 Cal Ammo Can for my grandson for a Christmas gift. The Ammo Cans arrived in perfect condition, were exactly as pictured and described and were shipped right away. I am very satisfied with my purchases and Solid Tactical Company.

  583. Angel C

    Perfect for storing lipo batteries.

  584. TatsuoSenpai

    Solid build.

  585. Michella

    this container is great. Its a little hard to open but we put our personal belongings in it and it does the job. Its like a safe without a lock

  586. brian kane

    Solid case and very strong.

  587. Amazon Customer

    Great ammo can to store my .22lr ammo! God bless America!

  588. Daniel Schudel


  589. Summer Yan


  590. Peter

    These ammo cans are great for water tight storage. They are clean, with no stencil and new seals. Arrived in 2 days.

  591. Jake & Amrita Kaila

    its a great ammo can to store you’re extra ammo box that you don’t want to leave out in the open. i just wish the price was little bit less.

  592. ROBERT.

    I’m very happy with my box and it can’t be kids Proof as well

  593. Mick the Ginge

    Military grade and new, great product. Turned mine into a portable speaker system

  594. Amazon Customer

    Solid Tactical sent me an email to make sure I was pleased with my purchase – you can’t beat that! And proud to say American Made for once!

  595. Valerie Allen

    Love it

  596. Michael H

    good solid can. Will and have ordered again

  597. Amazon Customer

    My fiancé loved this ammo box ! Heavy duty and great !

  598. K. E. Mechan

    The ammo cans arrived quickly and nicely packaged. They are a extremely sturdy and a great size for many purposes. I’ll be using them as auto first aid kits.Would purchase again.

  599. zichik

    It’s an ammo can. I’m not sure what else to say!

  600. Kristie

    Thank you

  601. dave

    Great product

  602. Chris D.


  603. msapanay

    Fast shipping, great cans. I wanted ammo storage that would hold a significant amount of ammo, but still be transportable. These cans are the perfect size.

  604. Amazon Customer

    Great product will buy again.

  605. Erin G.

    Bought this as a “Stocking Stuffer” for my husband–also bought the add-on locking mechanism-thing–knowing he will be VERY pleased to have gotten a brand new one, and a metal one, at that.

  606. Emily D.

    Exactly what I expected! Fast shipping.

  607. Gotta Ride

    Great (American made) ammo cans!! Shipping was very prompt and I will certainly do more business with Solid Tactical!!

  608. Gary F B

    Awesome ammo box/ storage- Very tight seal. Came quickly in mail- Purchase 4 so far at different times

  609. Amazon Customer

    Made in MURICA!

  610. Thomas P Gray

    Very nice can and would highly recommend them to anyone …

  611. Amazon Customer

    Excellent service and quality. Exactly as described.

  612. Amazon Customer

    Exactly as described.

  613. Rosalie Fiamengo

    Exactly as expected.

  614. M.Lucher

    Fast delivery and exactly as advertised.

  615. ParisToDallas

    Very secure and good looking product. I liked it so much, I purchased a 2nd one that I saw in the store at WalMart for 1/2 the price.

  616. J. Palumbo

    This was on my son’s Christmas wish list so I bought it for him. He is happy. I am not. To many people with guns now.

  617. R. Conant

    Metal, durable, well-made. Lid closes tightly, and latch is solid. Holds what I need it to for now (4 packs of 12GA and a 380 range pack) with some extra room. Would buy again once I have more ammo to store.

  618. Anthony

    Made in the USA!! Spend the extra 10$ to support America…No complaints here

  619. Ken S. Swenson

    A good ammo can

  620. Amazon Customer

    Great box, just a strong fresh paint smell

  621. Michelle

    Awesome quality! Very Sturdy, top locks down tight. This is a Valentine’s gift for my honey, cannot wait to fill it up with goodies, he’s gonna love this!

  622. John

    Very solid construction. Not much else to say, it’s exactly what you’d expect.

  623. Lpfe42

    As far as ammo cans go this is one of the best I have purchased!! I’ve had new and used over the years and by far this is a good one

  624. Anthony

    Great quality, has a superb seal, definitely worth the money over surplus cans.

  625. DCS RDG

    Great can!

  626. fhoos

    Great quality.Not a tin can, very solid.

  627. Billyd

    Great Product!

  628. Chicken.Arm.Farm

    Great ammo can. Easy to open. We ordered 2 to keep gear dry on rafting trips. Looking forward to using them in a couple weeks.

  629. Tom Dillon

    Built like a tank. Sweet

  630. Amazon Customer

    Great can. Great condition. I bought the locking kit , which installed easily.

  631. Steve

    Excellent Product And Fast Shipping. Product exactly as described and arrived in perfect condition with NO dents, scratches, or other blemishes. Thank you Solid Tactical !!!!

  632. Al S.

    Sturdy and seals up tight.

  633. Carl walls

    Very happy. Seams of good quality and latches are very secure.

  634. C. Brown

    It’s an ammo can???

  635. Amazon Customer

    Air tight storage, no issues, these were additional purchases & never a problem

  636. Mrs. Roskam


  637. Dare808

    I love this ammo can.

  638. Rose

    My son love it

  639. Tombo

    Nice quality. Good paint job. As advertised.

  640. Amazon Customer

    Excellent! According to my son, the ammo can is exactly as the one he used in combat. It’s strong and has a completely waterproof seal.

  641. Amazon Customer

    Top quality ammo box. My fiance and I are using it to keep all of our wedding cards in it. Hopefully after the wedding I get to fill it with ammo 🙂

  642. Hassan Mowatt

    I’ve bought a few of these in the past. They hold up very well considering I mount them to the top rack of my truck. I do have to change them out every couple of years but consider the beating they take in the wind, rain, and hot Florida sun (and mudding). Even though I replace a unit the old one can still be used in the house for storage. These are strong!

  643. Petty76

    I don’t believe this is military standard like other ones I have but this appears durable and like a good product. Item received on time and as advertised.

  644. Larry Wichowski

    Very good product.

  645. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product 100% satisfied

  646. Chris Boyd

    Just as expected – put it right to use.

  647. R (squared)

    My father was a 27 year Marine Sniper and recently passed away. After retiring from the USMC in 1972 and for the next 35 years, he would reload ammunition as a hobby; in fact, the entire basement was his reloading room. I purchased this Ammo Can for my father as his Cremation Urn since I thought it was the perfect symbol, and represented who he was. I could not be more pleased with this Ammo Can; it is worth more to me than the most expensive Urn.

  648. Son of the Rabbit People

    Nice cans! It’s the real deal.

  649. Taryn Chambers

    Its great. Very thick metal construction. I use it to store RC model lipo batteries outdoors for safety.

  650. Ron

    Just like I remember them from the Army, except no yellow markings

  651. EGM

    Just received my ammo can. Very pleased with the quality, and the fact that it is made in America. Also, it comes with moisture absorbers ++.

  652. R. Rice

    Bought 3 of these cases, very high quality at a good price. Will buy more in the future!

  653. Edgardo c.

    Wow the quality is right on the money.I will be buying more.Plus it came with a logo magnet for the fridge door.i though that was cool!

  654. Neil B

    You cn never have enough of these, and this one is a winner!

  655. Ben Gardiner

    Met my expectations.

  656. atl-reviewer

    nice can, very heavy duty

  657. Tyler Stokes

    I have purchased several of these and I am still amazed by the overall quality. These aren’t like the surplus store junk you usually find. They also include some desiccant packs for keeping your items free of moisture. Make your like easier and buy at least one for every caliber you own.

  658. Amazon Customer

    GREAT item

  659. Amazon Customer

    Worked well, but the one I got smells like something has died inside of it and has been rotting for a few weeks. Overall works well just don’t approve of gagging whenever I open the can

  660. WEI CHANG

    Awesome stuff, bought 1000 rounds of 7.62×39, all fits in the box. will sure buy more when I get more ammo. 😍😍😍

  661. David Alan

    The ammo can is very well built! I like them so much that I bought more.

  662. Me, Myself, and I

    Quality product, performs as expected. Will update if conditions change.

  663. John Dimock

    Solid metal construction, including the sticker. Must have come right off the paint line as had to to use a screwdriver to pry open each can the first time to open. No issues with opening and closing after that, good for storing practically everything you might need or want safely and securely. Will buy again.

  664. Amazon Customer

    These ammo cans are very well made. I highly recommend them.

  665. RAY M.

    been using these for years, no problems, seals air tight.

  666. KayBee

    Nice and strong, watertight. If you’re serious about storing your ammo, this can is legit! I have 6 of them and counting. Worth the extra $$. Buy American!!

  667. Shopper

    Loved the construction, good watertight seal

  668. Fermi Paradox

    No complaints.

  669. noflyrc28

    This is perfect for storing my amo in works great ,well made, sturdy !! I would recommend this product!

  670. Andy Jensen

    Strong and robust, seems like it will hold up good. Nice rubber seal on it too.

  671. Jerry Duan

    Good quality!

  672. R. Ramirez

    Great buy! Bought boxes for 5.56, .40, 9mm, and .380 ACP rounds. I was able to fit comfortably per box, loose: 1,200 5.56 rounds; about 1,500 .40; 1,500 9mm rounds; and about 2,000 .380 ACP rounds. Boxes are water-tight and come with silica packets to keep moisture at bay. Recommend. Just do not use a blade to open the shipping box, you will scratch a line on the top of the handle. Live and learn.

  673. Amazon Customer

    This is a Christmas gift for my husband to put all his shoe shining supplies. Very sturdy–it will probably last longer than him.

  674. Mark Stult

    It worked as designed. I’m very happy with it.

  675. misty newton

    Its new, no rust. great product! would buy again

  676. Tony P.

    Liked the first one and realized I needed one more for my 223/5.56 ammo.

  677. Amazon Customer

    Product arrived in a timely manner. Item was as expected.

  678. Justin Burnett

    Great product!

  679. Robert66

    Excellent ammo can very strong and water tight!

  680. Amazon Customer

    Great product and arrived in timely manner

  681. R. Bishop

    Built well

  682. PT

    I don’t know why I bought this. I don’t have any ammo (or a gun for that matter) but I thought this would be a great box to store some art supplies. It would be perfect if I were protecting art supplies from a nuclear blast or a meteor strike. It weighs a ton (should have realized that) and is very difficult to open and close (should have realized that, too.) So, the product is fine but not for what I was thinking.

  683. Thomas

    For the many rounds to come.

  684. Julie

    good quality

  685. J. Yates

    Excellent Heavy Ammo Can

  686. Sui Duc

    Great ammo box and perfect size to store my ammo. Appears to be solid and I would assume air tight.

  687. scott

    Just as it’s described! Works perfect!!

  688. KNN.

    Well built. it Smells. I bought it to hold other thing then ammo. Leaving cover open for a bit 10 day still a little less smelly. Lets see what it smells like after another 10 DAYS.

  689. BluesAxe

    This is a very nice box for storage of my assorted ammo, primarily 9mm. Nice gasket and sturdy construction all around.

  690. Gary M Snyder Jr

    I love it! Great for water proof storage.

  691. Yulia

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Metal, reliable, but not heavy 👍🏻

  692. Rod Dutton

    A really Solid product, will buy again

  693. Matt

    I’ve picked up a few of these over the years and they’re great. The lids fit together tight and I’ve had no problems with them. I’d stay away from the Wal Mart version (Stout Stuff Brand) of them though, where these .50 Cal cans fit nice and tight, I’ve had too many Wal Mart cans (again, not these) where the lids come off too easy.

  694. Deirdre Barbee

    Love these but wish the price was a bit lower.

  695. Thomas J

    Perfect, as expected. I’ll be purchasing more for sure.

  696. Vincent J. Byron

    These ammo boxes are perfect, the quality is amazing, they even come with dry packs. But the prices of these use to be $25 for two and now are up to $35 for one. I have 18 of these ammo cans. Yes I have ordered a lot I just wish they could come up with a better all around price for one ammo box. Maybe one day. Also the picture shows solid tactical logo on the side and none of mine have that logo.

  697. Rick L

    Great ammo box. Very well made. Will buy more.

  698. LAS

    Love it! Absolutely high quality!

  699. JMTNART

    as described

  700. dad

    Really sturdy well built can. Holds 1k of 5.56 perfectly.

  701. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  702. Lauren Foley

    I bought this as a gift but it is really nice. Has a good amount of storage and is very sturdy!

  703. Steven Christenson

    Great ammo can

  704. Gabe P.

    Easy to carry around, no dents seen around the edges. Good for transporting small goods inside.

  705. K. G

    I bought a couple of these and was so impressed by the quality build that I have already purchased 5 more. Don’t waste your money on flimsy plastics and “water resistant” wannabes. These are coated steel with heavy duty clamps and gaskets that are fully waterproof. They will outlast anything you put in them. You get what you pay for with these.

  706. Big John

    Awesome product

  707. Angelo Sellas

    Exactly what it should look like. Seals very tightly

  708. Michael W.

    Perfect. Can’t beat these cans. 100% better than the plastic ones being peddled these days

  709. Amazon Customer

    My husband loves his new ammo can!! Thanks!!

  710. Steve

    Already using the new ammo cans & are great, nice inner seal and close really tight.Glad I found you guys. As my ammo increases so will your ammo cans.Thanks so much….SM

  711. Solomon Jones

    This ammo can seems well build and seal up nicely. Came with desiccants to keep ammo dry…!

  712. Orlando Llamas

    It’s a tough can and it does what it’s supposed to do. Mine came in pristine condition and I have no complaints so far. It comes with three Silica Gels in a plastic bag if that helps.

  713. Marcos Garcia

    great product, material perfect size.

  714. Shane and Brittany

    Great can for bulk Ammo. Filled it with 223 and it can get heavy but nice having it all in one place. Great quality for the money.

  715. steve austin

    This is my sixth ammo container. Very sturdy and reasonably priced.

  716. Brian

    Fast shipping. Seal is high quality. Sturdy metal.

  717. Blue

    As prior service I have handled my fair share of ammo cans. So I can say with fair certainty that these are on par cans with military spec. Unlike the reviews from 2016 the cans are brand new and not army surplus. Well worth paying a little more.

  718. Andrew E Powers

    Had it for a few weeks, so far it works fine

  719. John Fife

    I ordered two cans and they came exactly as advertised. I will purchase these again.

  720. Murry

    Just as discribed super nice 9mm ,223 , 45 fit perfect .higher priced but well worth it

  721. Marcos F. Gonzalez

    The ammo can arrived in excellent condition! I was very happy to see it was in such great condition.

  722. Lisa N.

    Nice heavy box.

  723. Anonymous

    Good waterproof/resistant seal. A bit pricey.

  724. Eric Plantener

    Dislikes: ZeroLikes: Very rugged, excellent fit and finish overall, water and air tight gasket protects contents from life’s mishaps, the lid locking mechanism is tough as nails. This is by far the best ammo can I own and I will be ordering more. PS. It floats too!

  725. Greg S.

    Fine, sturdy ammunition can. Well made and new.

  726. Pamela Paz


  727. Torry

    These are a very good ammo box compared to walmart and other places, but I dont know if its us made or in poland. Their are only 3 manufacturers that supply the us military who makes them picatinny arsenal and 2 in poland from what nsn (nato stock number) had listed. It does not have their stamping below the m2a1. Federal ammunition has the m19a1 for their 420 rounds of m193 or m855 from lake city army ammunition plant. I do not know where these are made.

  728. Dale P. Seth

    Great ammo case. Gasket and included silica gel make sure that your ammo is in a cool, dry environment.

  729. Michael G

    I bought 6 for my father to put his reloads in. He was very happy with them. I plan to buy a few for me.

  730. William Trammell

    Even comes with desiccant.

  731. John N.

    Came as advertised, haven’t physically tested how efficient the waterproofing is but the seal is there and the box as a whole feels durable and is perfect for what I need. Went and bought another one for the rest of my ammunition.

  732. wayne h iwanaga

    Better than I expected! Perfect fit for 1000 rounds boxed 9mm ammo.

  733. PRR83

    Very durable. Fast delivery!

  734. Steffen Dawson

    Solid build, o ring is a nice tight seal and shipping was fast. 10/10 will be getting more in the future

  735. Scooby

    I love it , I will order from you. Very useful and I recommend this to everyone with separate ammos.

  736. Erik Bock

    Good quality military ammo can. Early delivery as well.

  737. Watcher

    Just like I remembered them from the Army -solid as a rock.Mine came in like new shape. No rust. Paint intact in every way.Fantastic for storing or charging LiPos.Drill a hole in the top for charging wires to pass through and there you go!

  738. kris

    Holy quick ship. Used ammo cans in excellent condition. Now I know what happens to the cans I turned over 20 years in the Army. Ha. Definitely a good price.

  739. Amazon Customer

    Husband loved it

  740. Todd D. Kirst

    These are very well built Boxes. I like the fact that they are waterproof due to the very nice seal on the lid. I actually use this as my Lunchbox for Work, even though it was not intended for that use. I highly recommend this Product and this Seller!

  741. Donald L Mark Jr

    Thank you for the quick shipping and the item is in new condition as stated. Definitely recommend this item and seller.

  742. Keith johnson.

    Great seal on this can arrived super quick

  743. EricaR

    Great box, sturdy and fits plenty of boxes of 9mm ammo. Already planning on ordering another one.

  744. Michael Bastien

    I like how durable it is. It is water proof as well.

  745. michael martinez

    Placed 1000 rounds of 5.56 inside. Clean and reliable product.

  746. Kouzman

    Update 8/19/2020:I ordered another 3 cans because you can never have enough! Again brand new, came in straight with no scratches or dents, however they weren’t individually packaged like before. Not a big deal, but i do see the extra packaging providing additional protection.To date, this vendor still remains on top of my list for ammo cans! Highly recommended.I was pleasantly surprised when i received the packages. I ordered three of them, each one came into its own packaging, brand new and shiny! I will definitely buy more since these ammo cans you can use in many ways! Value for money only 4 stars since they are not cheap but i do understand given the fact that they are well packaged and brand new.

  747. Teri C.

    ammoThumbs UP

  748. Salty Rolaid

    No worries about loading these up with heavy brass and not being able to handle it with steel construction!

  749. Frenchy in Florida

    Received the box within a few days. It feels stron and well built. I put probably more than a 1000 rounds, 9mm and .45 plus extra battery for light/laser. So far it seem to be a very good product, we will see how it hold with time.

  750. David Williams

    Fast shipping! Great quality! These boxes are built to last.

  751. Hunter Peyton

    I had been looking for a durable ammo storage container. These are great. And they seal up tight so no dust or water will get in. I highly recommend them.

  752. Havik

    Seems like Very heavy construction, and water tight. like what i see. Makes it easy to haul ammo….

  753. Helen Z

    This ammo box is super nice. Water tight with gasket, made nicely, durable and can be locked with a simple kit(which is available online). NICE!

  754. AS

    Solid ammo cans and happy with the purchase .

  755. WALTER W.

    Very well made and good price.

  756. Taylor Barklow

    Great ammo cans great price.

  757. M.C.

    Great Product, Sturdy, Heavy, Made well, Closes tight, Water resistant, Has helper handles, stackable.

  758. Thomas Nee

    Great water-tight ammunition can. Comfortably holds six 25-shell 12-gauge boxes. Works well with Lock Hardware Kit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SNOQR6Q/?m=A2UF647I381AO6b

  759. Layton

    I have 1,500 9mm inside one weighing 45 pounds total and about 500 rounds of 7.62×39mm in another one everything fits perfectly and has room to add more. The handles are well installed to handle the weight.Metal handle: *****Metal clasp: *****Weather seal: *****

  760. Amazon Customer

    This was a good deal for the money and seems to seal good. Would recommend it to anyone

  761. Horseman

    The ammo cans are well made with quality but with some blemishes. One can has a little paint blemish on the outside which does not affect functioning. Also somehow some one put sticky shipping label over the top of one ammo can that I have to scrap it off with residual glue still on some of the surface. That’s why I gave it a four-star overall rating.

  762. Amazon Customer

    Solid well-made. Just as expected. Perfect purchase.

  763. Joshua Davenport

    Local gun store recommended storing ammunition in a .50cal can with a seal and desiccant pack. Saw this one, it looked good and was priced right, and it’s all I need it to be: durable, waterproof, and accessible in crisis. One should store ammunition safely (12-gauge shotgun shells in my case) and this product fits the bill. Highly recommend.

  764. Dave Lau


  765. Derek santos

    Solid product! Great storage for my 5.56, 9 mm, and 12 g shot gun ammo 👌

  766. PMG

    5 Stars Across the board. This time a desiccant pack was included, and the 6 pack was beautifully packed!

  767. Robert N Fields II

    Does what it was made 4 holding ammo………..

  768. Tammy

    Our initial order of the 2 AMMO cans got rerouted and lost in transit by Amazon Logistics. After waiting several days Amazon finally owned up to them being lost and sent replacements. Those arrived today without incident. My thanks to the seller for being understanding regarding the loss of their first shipment. These AMMO cans are great – very good quality and well made! Very happy with our purchase!

  769. Anon

    Does NOT come with asilica gel pack as described (highly suggest getting some as they really do help the longevity of your ammo). The box, especially for the price, is worth and and can hold a little over 1,000 AK-47 rounds (7.62x39mm). Feels sturdy and doesn’t seem to creak or struggle with the weight of the ammunition.

  770. Ken L

    Product was stated! Great follow up and customer service. I was so pleased, I just submitted another order. My only complaint was it didn’t include the moisture absorbers that were supposed to there. Hopefully they are in this order and they make up for the last order.

  771. edgard

    very good , excellent material well done

  772. Geovanny Vazquez

    The ammo can is well made and it is water tight. My only complaint is the packaging. It only had some air bags on one side that where popped and nothing else. I was surprised it arrived intact.

  773. Pete V

    Just got my new can. It is very sturdy and just as I expected. I will be buying more. And I just did. Got my second one today

  774. Jeffrey Elgharably

    Boxes are solid and well built, but I didn’t get the dessicant paks that were supposed to be included.

  775. nicholas ralston

    I purchased 3 boxes. All of them were high quality. They feel sturdy, they make a good seal when closed, and they hold a decent amount of ammo.

  776. Amazon Customer

    This is perfect, very durable and arrived quickly. Great price and quality!

  777. Jim Cole

    The product was advertised to include a desiccant pack but it was not included in shipment.

  778. Michael amendola

    Definitely the best ammo boxes i have purchased. Highly recommend for Gun and Rifle owners.

  779. Deeksoutforharambe

    The lid won’t slip off the hinges, it’s very solid. one of the cans had a small dent from shipping, no big deal.

  780. Eric W.

    Good quality. I purchased others elsewhere and they turned out to be used. These were new and in excellent working order

  781. Marg

    Solid ammo container. Bought for safety storage reasons.

  782. Jennifer Naumann

    Works great for my ammunition, but you can use it to store other things too.

  783. Karl

    Good quality ammo can, but does not match the photos. It appears to have a rough textured coating and “Solid Tactical” label on it, but it’s just a standard OD green ammo can. Somewhat misleading.

  784. RB

    Solid sturdy and just what I wanted! And arrived the next day!

  785. Sam Martinez

    I am using this as a home first aid box.

  786. Shelley Griffith-McHugh

    Nice product. Sturdy Secure

  787. Jimmy Patterson

    Very durable and spacious.

  788. Amazon Customer

    Tight seal on the ammo can and fast shipping; what else could you ask for? Thanks!

  789. Pete

    Very well made. It seems to be very durable. Would definitely recommend!!

  790. Danielle Carlisle

    Came with a few cosmetic scratches, but was great for what I bought it for!Bought it as a father’s day gift, he loved it!

  791. Jerry Frain

    I liked this can well enough that I placed a second order from Prime 21. I read the other reviews that claimed the paint job was bad or the can was used or slimed but I haven’t experienced that.I have five of the 50 cal cans. All from Prime 21. They were new, clean, painted well. They are sturdy and have a good seal, with gasket. They stack (unlike others I have ordered, like Redneck Covenant). They didn’t come with desiccant packs but I didn’t expect them to as other reviewers did. I bought them separately.Over all they work great. I have five now and no complaints. I will likely purchase again.

  792. Lena

    Good product for the money. Not as cheap as in the 90s. Will buy again with excellent service. 3 days early. Way to go can man!!

  793. Brad Munsil

    Solid ammo can. Will buy more.

  794. Brian Ivey

    I was anxious about what I was going to receive. I am very satisfied with the condition of the ammo can I received. This is a legit military ammo can and had no dings are scratches. The stenciling was legible and I am very proud of my genuine ammo can.

  795. Joe Schmidt

    Great quality ammo can and received it a day after I ordered it . I couldn’t ask for more than that !!!!

  796. Goddard Heriot

    The product shipped quickly and each ammo can arrived in its own box, each wrapped in plastic with 2 x small desiccant packs in each ammo can. These ammo cans are brand new and had no scratches or imperfections or uneven paint. These ammo cans are very solidly built and well constructed. I own quite a few other brand ammo cans which gave me a great comparison. The rubber seal has an excellent fit and is appropriately pliant. I did not submerge them in water to test claim for water tightness. However, the tight fit and finish of the closed lid was very reassuring. The powder coating on the exterior was of such high quality that packing tape for labeling purposes did not initially adhere to the exterior surface. After a few failed efforts the packing tape finally adhered to the exterior surface. I don’t typically write reviews like these, however I wanted to share my very positive experience. I will be buying more Solid Tactical ammo cans. Highly recommend!

  797. Lar VH

    Nice strong and sturdy metal ammo can being used for storage


    Very well made and perfect in design and manufacture. Heavy gauge steel I would buy again.

  799. designinca

    An excellent choice for long term storage of heavy, dense items that need to be protected from moisture.

  800. Steve VanBrunt

    Would be great as intended for Amonition Box. But I used it for a tool Box on a tractor. Very rugged, great for holding tools and chains.

  801. Gabriel A Lucero


  802. Mike

    fits a lot more than i thought sturdy and convenient

  803. Tim Tebow

    Exactly as advertised.

  804. Michael A. Mccollum

    It is just what it was advertised as: a water-tight, brand new, ammunition can built to military specification.

  805. P. Katz

    Ordered single unit of 50cal size. Appears to be brand new and included desiccant pack, just as expected. I did not water test it, but the rubber-lined lid appears to make a tight seal.

  806. Ronald Taylor

    Ammo storage

  807. Gilbert Villarreal

    Thank you. A memory rushed back

  808. Michael Thompson

    Outstanding…very pleased with these ammo cans!! I ordered four…and after those arrived, I ordered four more.

  809. steve

    Great ammo can, Brand new arrived with no damage.

  810. Steve Cameron

    The military ammo can has a history for function and survival. This can works great for ammo, tools, hardware or many other uses. Quick delivery and solid construction.

  811. Amazon Customer

    These can are exactly what I need for long term storage

  812. Geoffrey Anderson

    LiPo batteries can be dangerous, and it is important to store them properly. One of the most common storage is in metal ammo cans, and when I had filled my first one, I knew I needed another one, and this fit the bill. New condition, tightly seals, and can hold several of my batteries, so that I can sleep well at night knowing that they are safe.

  813. Richard W

    Latch and seal is top quality

  814. logan

    Got here quick, good price. no problems with the ammo can. Looks new, Solid product and would recommend to anyone wanting one.

  815. Zon

    Only for men’s

  816. Mike Myers

    Excellent quality

  817. Jairo Quevedo

    Great box

  818. Christopher Chard

    A well-built ammo can. Firm seal when closed should last for a very long time!

  819. carol sanft

    5 star

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