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30 Cal Brown

(18 customer reviews)

Solid Tactical New 30 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army m19a1 Steel Waterproof ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Brown

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Solid Tactical New 30 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army m19a1 Steel Waterproof ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Brown

18 reviews for 30 Cal Brown

  1. Teresa Bufford

    This item was received and was just as advertised, in great condition, perfect for storage. The price was great too!

  2. Hammerhead23

    These cans came in pristine condition. Paint job was great. The seals were a bit tough at first to break. The rubber wouldn’t let the can open. After the first time of opening them they are still tightly sealed yet easy to open.

  3. Michael J. Slowinski

    These cans are hard to find so it was well worth the money. Not sure where they had this one storred but it didn’t even look used. So good I had to buy another!!

  4. Nathan B.

    The product meets the quality specification identified by the seller; very good condition. The product was clean, had a pliable rubber seal, a functional clasp, and straight handle. The capacity is what one would except from an ammo can of its size, easily fitting ~1000 rounds of 9mm, ~800 rounds of .45, and ~900 rounds of .223 / 5.56. Highly recommend the steel cases over plastic and adding a silica pack for long term storage.

  5. Danielle

    These are surplus so they have been used before I was expecting it to be all rusted but I was pleasantly surprised that it was in excellent condition

  6. avid rider

    The product i received is exactly what I envisioned. The text on the side is slightly different then what is pictured and it looks like it was quickly repainted. Some areas of old paint are still visible. But it fits the used I had intended so I cant complain.

  7. Starken Streik

    Was in good condition and had a good rubber seal to keep water out. You can store anything in it and have confidence that it will protect what’s in it.

  8. Melissa

    Speedy delivery! The product was just as expected! I gave this to my boyfriend as a Valentines Gift and it was perfect! The value was excellent. I’ve been shopping around for some more and they are priced above $50! So it was a steal!!!

  9. Clarence W. Speers

    Very pleased with this purchase.

  10. Bob Borst

    Use these to hold 700 rounds of 5.56 cartridges. These new ammo cans cost more than old surplus cans, but you avoid the risk of getting bad can (rusty, worn out seal, etc) when ordering on line.

  11. Honest

    These seem just like the military surplus ones they work great.

  12. Michael Mazzucco

    Well made and tight seal. Will buy more.

  13. A Orwig

    The ammo can is just as described. I checked the exterior, interior, and rubber seal on the lid and all looked pristine. It’s just the size I needed to store my .40 caliber and 7.65×53 mm ammo. The delivery through Amazon arrived on time along with other items I ordered in addition to the ammo can.

  14. Cristy

    These ammo cans are great!

  15. Zach Allen

    What can I say, great cans!

  16. David A Norton

    Well made

  17. alisha

    Very durable. Had to send back though because it was super super small..

  18. David B. Barrows

    Very well made. Strong construction and the locking mechanisms works very smoothly. I plan to buy several.

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