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30 Cal Green

(109 customer reviews)

Solid Tactical 30 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army m19a1 Steel Waterproof ammo Box for Long Term Storage

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Solid Tactical 30 Cal Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army m19a1 Steel Waterproof ammo Box for Long Term Storage

109 reviews for 30 Cal Green

  1. James C Compton

    James, North Carolina. I purchased these ammo can’s for Geocaching containers. They were in GREAT! condition and worked very well for this purpose. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SELLER! to anyone. I received my purchase within 6 days of my order. Keep up the GOOD WORK! THANKS!!

  2. Apex Predator

    Nothing to really say. It looks like the picture. No visible damage. Works like it is supposed to. Can take a beating. And arrived here fast. Get it and shut up.

  3. ron

    Cans were all I expected and more The cans were in new condition and I will buy more…they arrived sooner then they said…..

  4. Bob R.

    I use this for storing my RC Lipo batteries in. Mine was nice and clean with just a faint odor inside. It was smaller than I expected, so make note of the dimensions. Plenty big for what I’m using it for though.

  5. EZE

    I bought this 30 caliber ammo can because it is skinnier than the .50 caliber one and I was looking for something smaller. This one fit the bill.It essentially holds 400 rounds of 7.62×39 ammo packed in it’s little 20 round boxes. In other words you can fit EXACTLY 20 boxes of 20 7.62×39 rounds into this ammo can. That’s a pretty good amount that I’m satisfied with. I suspect you may be able to fit a few more rounds if you take them out of their box and just toss them into this ammo can. MAYBE 50 more rounds.The can came just as it looks in the picture, very good condition. I will buy more of these in the future for sure.

  6. Dave

    I would definitely purchase another one. Shipped fast and is in like new condition. It is a little smaller that I expected but it does the job.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Ammo cans was like brand new. No rust, dings, or scratches. Not like some other place you get them from. Thank you.

  8. RWC

    I purchased this Military Ammo Can to store, what else, ammo. The seal was VERY good and the can itself was in excellent comdition. I will buy more.

  9. wessr1

    Just what I wanted for a mini tool box on the front of my utility trailer because its water proof,,,

  10. mark dickens

    i bought this friday and it came on a wednesday so i gess ok shipping, the can it self is in good shape whitch i was so glade to see being that this was a 21 doller ammo can, anywho im happy with it

  11. D. Dustin

    Arrived in very good condition. Clean and in perfect functioning condition. Shipping cost were the same for several cans as if the order were for one making these costs reasonable. I’m two time buyer now and will be picking up some more. They will last forever when properly taken care of. Very pleased.Update. The ammo can being offered now is from a different vendor and the shipping prices have changed very considerably making this can unattractive price wise.

  12. Doyle

    I’ve spent a lot of time looking for mint ammo cans for a decent price. And THESE ARE IT! I went to my military surplus store and they had nothing but banged up ones for the same price as these. So I decided to gamble and buy these off of Amazon, and boy did it pay off! These cans are clean, in great condition, and looks great! I will buy more in the near future as I fill these up. I highly recommend these cans bought new from this seller. I’ll try to post pictures here soon.

  13. paul

    I am very happy with my order. It came in very clean and very fast. It definitely will serve the purpose I have intended for it.

  14. TFM

    I bought this for my brother in-law so I didn’t have any expectations. It seems very sturdy and in good condition.

  15. Doc

    Its a great ammo box. These are military ammo boxes so I was expecting a good product and got it. It got shipped fast and they are in great shape. Just ordered 5 more.

  16. Kyle A

    Not much to review here, it’s an ammo can.Works as promised, in good shape!Only complaint is the price and shipping. I will just wait for the next local gun show when I need more

  17. CowBoy

    I keep my pistol and ammo in it and i love it iwth all my heart i truly do. wish i had the cash to get the 50 cal

  18. R.Z. Rider

    This ammo can is Ideal for storing and transporting LiPo batteries for RC models. It is strong and has an airtight seal.

  19. Mike L

    I received my ammo cans in 2 days and all but one can was in better shape than expected. I was very surprised and so a huge Cudos to Field Gear and Protection. I will be ordering my other cans from these guys!!!

  20. Jeffrey Brant

    Received this used item (military surplus) and I am happy with its appearance and condition. It had become quite cold out on the delivery truck when it arrived, so when I opened it, I could hear a rush of air go into the box as soon as the lid was lifted due to the apparent vacuum inside created by the cold container. The rubber gasket in the lid is in excellent condition. The box will meat my needs perfectly (just to store some ammo in long term for protection)after I throw in a couple of silica gel desiccant packets. There are several scratches on the exterior and one minor dent, but those aren’t problems. I didn’t buy this for beauty. Heavy gauge steel construction. For the price, I think this was a good buy.

  21. Fritz373

    This was very good for what it was intended it to do.Will buy again if needed.I recommend it.

  22. BackBone

    Holds all my ammo just perfect. I put 12 gage 3 inch rounds about 3 boxes in it. Hold just fine 5 stars.

  23. None

    In good shape, no rust, a bit oily but clean and good seal. WIll be a good home for long term storage

  24. Dick Clark

    I ordered more than half a dozen of these ammo cans to sort all my different ammunition types, and I was very pleased. All of the cans that I received were in excellent condition, with good rubber seals and no rust on any of the steel. If you are looking for .30 cal ammo cans, look no further. These are in great shape, and I couldn’t find a better price anywhere. Do yourself a favor and buy these!

  25. David E. Corrasa

    Clean and not repainted or rusty. Good price and looks like new. Rubber gasket for safe and dry conte3nts. Just what I needed.

  26. Amie Johnson

    Bought this for a gift, pretty impressed. Smaller than I thought it would be but I think it should get the job done. Good product!

  27. Citygirl

    Seems to be exactly as represented, but it’s a lot smaller than I expected it to be. My fault. Because of its size, I wish I hadn’t paid as much for it.

  28. kris

    A little small in hind sight, but I did order a .30 cal box. Good condition, and keeps my ammo organized.

  29. Amazon Customer

    ammo can came in good condition shipped and arrived fast well worth the money a good buy for anyone looking to store ammo valuables etc.

  30. JB1kenobi

    Got this for my 9 year old cub scout son to put whatever he wants in it…game cartridges, rock collections, whatever. He loved it! I mean what 9 year old boy wouldn’t?!?

  31. Jonathan Rundell

    This item is great. Mine came with a slight dent on the back but to be honest it is better than what I expected. Buy at your own risk as there are a number of complaints on poor quality. For me a small dent was no problem but there are a few horror stories I have seen on this one.

  32. Ron

    This is a nice security box for in your vehicle for whatever you want to hold on too! This and the locking system I purchased for it and a steel cable for securing it inside your vehicle you just about have a totally secure safe!! You will be able to sleep easy!

  33. DanPow

    Got this ammo can for a Jeep project. I wanted a small tool box that I could mount inside my Jeep, this fit the bill perfectly. The ammo can came in great shape, but I wanted to give it a fresh face, so I sanded it down, coated it with metal self etching primer (Duplicolor), and then painted it Khaki. I then drilled holes in it and mounted it to the back tail-gait of the Jeep. Looks great and I really like the functionality.

  34. userrbrt6154

    Expensive.better to buy a new can for the same price.

  35. T. Sloan

    Fast shipping, product was as described, it didnt come with any print on out side which was fine because i painted them black.

  36. Robert D. Liles

    Other than the cost, these cans are exceptional. Maybe that’s why the Military uses them forever and a day. Arrived as expected (time wise); and the only thing I did not like was they had a lot of dust inside them! I kind of expected the sender to at least clean the cans before shipping. At least you don’t have to worry about the handle breaking as you will with plastic cans.

  37. Richard M. Iwane

    Great cans

  38. Anthony Vargas

    Great Product

  39. Stef.

    I bought this for the sake of functionality, to store loose amuunition and split up my cache. On added value, it sports it original NATO markings. Some dings, little rust and scratches, but considering the fact that it probably saw some action (even in training) its in MINT condition. Rubber gasket is in perfect shape. Be carefull, will snap your fingers pretty good if you aren’t carefull; closes pretty tight.

  40. 1GoodDog

    Its a fine place to put ammo. With loose 7.62×51, approximately 450 rounds fit in this can loosely. I bought a .30 cal can because I figured that would be the right way to store .30 cal ammo! It’s a nice size and shape and easy to store, but I guess a .50 cal can would hold more ammo. Though this is a nice overall shape and size. Not too big or heavy to carry. Good.

  41. Brian W.

    Good ammo box

  42. Tom

    I was initially hesitant to order these ammo cans from an untested seller, as I have read mixed reviews online about people getting products that were not to spec, were damaged, or were simply poor quality.These ammo cans arrived exactly as advertised, and I have been so happy that I doubled my order and got more. Here’s what I like:- The seals are in great condition- The boxes are freshly painted and have little to no imperfections- The latch mechanism feels very sturdy and provides a solid closure- The handle is robust and stands up to lifting VERY heavily packed ammo cans (more on this below)- The cans are easily stackable and stand up to a lot of overhead weightI bought the 30 cal ammo cans instead of the 50 because I wanted to keep my ammo in more manageable portions without having the cans getting too heavy, and because I can stack these two deep and two across in my Stack On gun cabinet and they take up exactly half of the space, with enough left over for 4 rifles.The main thing I wanted to know before I bought these was how much ammo they would hold. With loose packed ammo, my experience is roughly as follows:- A little over 500 rounds of .223 / 5.56- About 1000 rounds of pistol ammo, a little more for 9 mm and .40, a little less for .45- About 100 of 12 gauge 2 3/4 inch shotgun shells- I didn’t have enough 22 to fill up one can but I would estimate it is over 3000 roundsAn ammo can full of pistol rounds weighs about 30 pounds and is by far the heaviest of all the fully packed cans. Generally I keep these in the bottom of the stack – not because I think the cans won’t stand up to the weight, but just so I don’t have to lift them up and down.PROTIP: for long-term ammo storage, take your ammo out of the cardboard boxes, which can retain moisture, and throw a desiccant in with the ammo. The ammo cans are airtight and the desiccant will eat up the moisture inside. I use the 40 gram Dry Packs, which have an indicator showing when they’ve absorbed all the moisture they can — you then bake them for a few hours to restore them to working condition.

  43. Debbie

    I use it for storing my lipo batteries. Drilled four 1/4″ holes in the top for ventilation, just in case.

  44. Paul Carwile

    Nice, I use it for 223 ammo and it works well. The can was in great condition, shipped quickly, seals intact. I was able to fill with ammo without doing and repairs.

  45. timberwolf

    Just as I expected.

  46. Grtlyblesd

    I got this for one of my boys for Christmas, filled with adventure books. Everyone who sees it asks where he got it.

  47. Kenny Hodges

    Good Deal. I liked them.

  48. Susan Kolesar Ctha Lmp

    Bought two of these as gifts for the pistol-packers in our family. A bit hit! I am informed that the cool looking army surplus ammo cans are disposed of because the air/water tight seal is old.

  49. Jen

    Didn’t have military stencil on it but still cool. If it would have, I woulda given it 5 stars

  50. aptech89

    Great value for the price!! I’m storing roughly 500rds of .40S&W 180gr FMJ in mine, and there’s room enough for another 500!! Perfect!

  51. Ray

    It looks good and works good. I use it to store my Lipo batteries, big and average size.

  52. Matt

    As advertised. Was worried it would come rusted or destroyed but it looks great.

  53. anthony bellanco

    Fast shipping great quality!!

  54. Earl

    I was build a solar panel kit. This is my first attend and turn out that I order wrong size box. I mean to .50 caliber ammo can. But that’s alright, I’m keep it as supplies box.

  55. Eric3M

    Great boxes for storage

  56. desmo999r

    Hi quality

  57. TC

    Delivered on time and as expected!


    Great box great price

  59. Jerry

    Just right for 100 rounds of 308 ammo.

  60. Michael Gardner

    Good quality product that was shipped promptly.

  61. Cj_Nova

    Really good quality, looks and smells brand spanking new! I Will be ordering more from this seller as my need dictates.

  62. Justin L. Woodward

    Perfectly good. Fast service too

  63. Amazon Customer


  64. T. Jacoby

    Looks cool, solidly built, nice seal, and no flex when filled to the brim with 9mm. Would buy again for my next 1000 rounds.

  65. Larry Martin

    Very well made as good as military , might even be.

  66. Eric Bader

    Exactly as anticipated. Nice product with a very tight seal.

  67. Chris Smith

    I just received one each of a .30 cal and a .50 cal. ammo can today (which was a pretty fast turnaround). Both came painted a much darker color than these pictures…..more of the old school olive green rather than olive drab. They appear to be identical to GI ammo cans. There were no brand stickers on either one. Other than that, the cans are in good shape and seem robust enough, and are pretty much what you see in the product pictures. The lids were stuck pretty fast on their seals when I first unlatched and opened the boxes, but the insides were dry and clean, and both cans are rust free. Both have an intact rubber seal, which seems to be coated with some kind of talc preservative. My next task will be to find out how many rounds of .308, 5.56, 9mm, and .45 ACP each can will hold, and then I’ll order as many of either size as I need to reorganize my ammo storage. I can see other uses for them too. I don’t know if these prices are competitive with other providers or mil-surp dealers, but they seem fair enough for what you get.I have attached a couple of photos. One shows the can full to the top with 360 rounds of .308 Winchester 150 grain soft points. The other shows the stack of empty boxes next to the full can.

  68. Luis

    Ammo can came and it was like the description said. Super happy with the order and delivery was on time.

  69. Dave

    I have ordered 12 of these over the past year and all have been in perfect condition, no rust no dents.

  70. Sam

    Not much can be said, It is just what I ordered. Nuf said.

  71. Peter Dagro

    Excellent product

  72. OMG Steeeeeve

    Solid product. I use it for my 308 rounds. Fits 14 boxes of 20 bullets in each. Will be buying more in the future.

  73. Román V. Castillo

    Seems to be a good product so far I have not taking it out into the field where it may get dirty but it looks solid enough.

  74. Paraplegic dude

    Great ammo can. Seals air tight.

  75. Tomas Alvarez

    Works as expected

  76. eric


  77. Don

    Nice can for ammo….Made in USA

  78. Thomas R Osterloh

    Just what I wanted

  79. Frank Minervini


  80. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Fast shipping.

  81. Bruce

    Awesome feel and seal is great.come and get yours, I would recommend this product. Ex military.

  82. Janis R

    Just as advertised. Heavy duty, new can

  83. robert hynes

    As stated

  84. kimberly

    Shipped in super fast and it’s perfect!

  85. Michael SF

    This is a sturdy case that does what it is supposed to which is house ammunition securely. Not a very glamourous job but nonetheless this solid little box does it job with pride and is constructed of thick enough steel you don’t worry about it falling apart or bending in a slight breeze.In reality these cans could be used for dozens of things since they are well built and have a handle on top. Its nice to see something not made out of plastic for a change!

  86. Bill Boedeker

    Not using them for ammo, but an amateur radio project. The cans will house a battery that will be used for standby power for a microwave link. Am using a metal can so that I can mount a 12 to 24 VDC adapter. The adapter has a metal case that is a heatsind and it will mount to the metal can for conductivity reasons. Have used plastic cans in the past, but they do not have very good thermal conductivity ratings.

  87. Ryan B.

    It’s exactly what they described and what I ordered. Great product

  88. Dee Jonas

    I purchased this 30 Caliber Ammo Can and the 50 Caliber Can from Solid Tactical for my grandson for Christmas. It is well made, very good quality and exactly as pictured and described. I am very satisfied with both purchases as well as the fast shipment and communication.

  89. JOcala

    American made love it.

  90. Amazon Customer

    The paint dried with drops. But this is a great product, very sturdy and water proof. The company is amazing with great customer service. I was surprised and thankful for how they handled my issue with the paint.

  91. Cindy&Jamie Wade

    Does the job

  92. J. K.

    High quality metal ammo can. The construction is solid and the can functions smoothly.

  93. Jim Townsend

    Can is clean and solid, just as I expected. I’ll be ordering more in the future.

  94. Michael Middel

    Great can at a great price. Performs as it should. Perfect for storing ammo, gun cleaning supplies or whatever you feel like storing in it. I will definitely be getting more. And it’s MADE IN ‘MURICA!

  95. Dar

    Arrived quickly and solid can. Good deal

  96. Marissa

    It’s perfect!!!

  97. Paul

    Can’t complain. Good quality, nice finish, fast ship, decent price and well packaged.

  98. Anne M McGlinn

    Perfect! It was on my son’s birthday list and he is VERY happy with it!! Great quality!

  99. Harold

    Made well I use it for my decoy weights and cord

  100. Gregory T Lees

    Quality USGI ammo can. As described. I’d definitely buy them again.

  101. Nicole

    Clean metal, paint and have a tight seal. Each can came in packed in its own cardboard box. Recommend.

  102. Robert

    Quality product

  103. Amazon Customer

    Heavy duty and super sturdy. I filled it with men’s body care products and gave it as a gift to father-in-law. Will definitely order again!

  104. Christopher

    It’s a very sturdy and solid case with an extreamly tight seal. It is made with very good quality and doesn’t even have those crummy welding marks you typically get on the corners or where pieces connect.

  105. Robert Schaumleffel

    This is a good quality ammo can

  106. Redpawn

    It is exactly what you expect from an ammo can.

  107. Amazon Customer

    Great for tools too

  108. Franklin E Corvaia II


  109. Thomas Kearney sr


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