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50 Cal FDE Brown

(37 customer reviews)

New Solid Tactical 50 Caliber Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army M2A1 Steel Waterproof Ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Flat Dark Earth

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New Solid Tactical 50 Caliber Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army M2A1 Steel Waterproof Ammo Box for Long Term Storage in Flat Dark Earth

37 reviews for 50 Cal FDE Brown

  1. Haschke

    Really solid make. I’ve bought two, they both came with multiple desiccant silica gel packets. No need to buy extra packets. Very sturdy

  2. Alex Gonzalez

    Very nice looking box, wel built and promptly delivered

  3. J. Flea

    Heavy duty. Great functionality. Great product.

  4. Hector Ramirez


  5. KScram

    Great can

  6. Larry L.

    Large enough for electricians nasic hand tools minus a hacksaw of course.

  7. David Berish

    Great water tight can. If you want to lock it you will need the locking kit a drill a file and some elbow grease.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Love it. Very solid and also plenty big enough. I would definitely purchase another one.

  9. D. DiPrima

    Great cans. Well-built, sturdy construction. The powder coating is nice. Gel packs included to absorb condensation is a very nice plus!

  10. Joyce

    Flawless. Ordered 6- perfect condition.Will be ordering more.

  11. Tj Fitzpatrick

    Living in South Florida, these are the best possible storage vehicles for my pistols, revolvers and derringers. Being water and air tight are critical in the sub-tropics. I will be purchasing a few more to store my defense/protection ammo.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Always an excellent product.

  13. Paul Johnston

    Solid product, fo sho!

  14. Jim C

    Box arrived quickly and I was surprised at how heavy duty it was. From my memory the army ammo boxes weren’t this sturdy. It is heavy and it takes a little muscle to open the latch. It has a watertight seal and comes with a few desiccant packs. I’ll be using it to store my handgun ammo and probably will buy another another one soon.I highly recommend it and can’t imagine there being anything much stronger out there.

  15. Brian

    Best built ammo can I’ve come across. Even with >1500 rounds of 147gr 9mm and an Eva-Dry dehumidifier, no flex to the can at all. Rubber seal seems very secure, I don’t plan to test the waterproof claim but wouldn’t surprise me if it is watertight. Wish I found these sooner.

  16. Mary R.

    Holds all of my ammo, extra sights, laser dots and flashlights.

  17. J Zadow

    Exactly as hoped for. Solid, quality construction, excellent seal. Delivery was prompt. Now that I see how well it met my expectations, I’ve imagined new uses for even more cans! I’ll be getting more!

  18. alphafemme

    Excellent ammo can! Well constructed. Strong latch. Secure seal.

  19. ian g kress

    Very nice can. Brand new, tight fitting lid, and comes with 3 silca packs for moisture removal. Not cheap, but this can will keep your items safe and sound.

  20. Steven Smith

    great product thanks

  21. Marion Bess

    They are awsome, thank you for the fast delivery

  22. Nicholas L.


  23. Antonio Felga

    Good product , I recommend for all.

  24. BigDrumDaddy

    Top notch ammo can, for certain. Can’t verify to GI quality. But for my purposes, & most others, I don’t see why it matters. It’s well built. Fit & finish are first rate. Waterproof. Quality FDE paint. Tight spring loaded closure.

  25. James de Geus

    Love the color, the price, and the fact that it has an O ring seal.

  26. Eric Rowett

    Showed up on time and I was happy with the ammo can. It was brand new just like they said, I will be getting another one.

  27. jpr440ex

    While very expensive, the ammo cans are well made with a great coating

  28. debbie

    Like the color

  29. blumelw

    My fiancé loved it

  30. Josh Jarman

    Love it. Using it as a center console in my 86 4runner

  31. Glory

    Excellent quality, and gets the job done!

  32. Amazon Customer

    Wish the color was a little more lighter than, but good solid product

  33. Amazon Customer

    Serves its purpose and is durable.

  34. Will


  35. Amazon Customer

    There is nothing to dislike about ammo storage. Never enough ammo.

  36. Alan Reed

    This is a Great product

  37. Seth Thomas Snyder

    Was in the army a long time and am very familiar with this style of ammo cans. This was my first brand new and they’re awesome with basically an assist open for how much it pops up.

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